Takween 2017

dance education project

30 October - 10 December 2017 

Takween 2017 is currently underway with dancers from Lebanon, Syria, Palestine, Egypt, Iran, Germany and Italy taking part in a series of classes, workshops and discussiones at Maqamat Beit El Raqs in the Institut Francais, Deir El Qamar. With a different choreographer leading the group through each week of the programme, Maqamat Artistic Director and Choreographer Omar Rajeh kicked off the intensive, followed by Vincent Colomes from ICK Amsterdam, BenoĆ®t Lachambre from Par B.L.eux in Montreal and Phillipe Riera of Superamas. At the culmination of these 4 weeks, the participants will have an opportunity to refine their creative material and draw on their experiences with the different choreographers through a 10 day residency. Takween is in collaboration with IF Deir El Qamar & supported by Royal Norwegian Embassy in Beirut and SouthMedCV. 

Participants for Takween 2017 include:
Bassam Abou Diab (Lebanon)
Talib Arafat (Syria)
Hamza Damra (Palestine)
Sarah Gabr Helmy (Egypt)
Nivine Kallas (Lebanon)
Antonia Kruschel (Germany)
Iole Le Sala (Italy)
Nagham Maala (Syria)
Hoor Malas (Syria)
Charlie Prince (Lebanon/Canada)
Christel Salem (Lebanon/Canada)
Hiva Sedaghat (Iran)
Mostafa Shabkhan (Iran)
Mitra Ziaeekia (Iran)