Workshop with Cie 7273

Laurence Yadi & Nicolas Cantillon

Date: 31st July - 2nd of August, 2015
Time: 11 am - 5 pm (1 hour break)
Place: Maqamat | Beit El Raqs 

Registration required in advance 71616624 |

A PUBLIC PRESENTATION of the workshop will be organised on SUNDAY 2nd of August at 6 PM

This workshop is a follow up on the first workshop that was given by Nicolas Cantillon within BIPOD in April 2015.The workshop is an introduction to Fuittfuitt dance style developed by choreographers Laurence Yadi and Nicolas Cantillon since 10 years. This 'multi styles', combines the history of dance (ballet and elements of European contemporary dance and oriental influences) and use it to  work on the 'Maqam'.

In search of a continuous movement, Laurence Yadi and Nicolas Cantillon work in the workshop on joint composition relays where each link of the organic chain draws on all the possible Kinespher. Fantasy of an elastic body, between relaxation and deep muscle strength, they offer a way inside swing and motion towards malaxante dance, spiral and hypnotic.

The Choreographers will adapt their approach to the skills levels of each group they work with, starting with warm-up exercises in the beginning but gradually encouraging the participants to perform dance patterns designed by the company.

This workshop is made possible through the support of Pro Helvetia, Swiss arts Council


Respectively born in Melun in 1972 and in Argenteuil in 1973, Nicolas Cantillon and Laurence Yadi share their lives and work together between Switzerland and France. Originally trained as a musician, Nicolas Cantillon starts his dance education at The Conservatoire Marius Petipa in 1989. Meanwhile, Laurence Yadi graduates with Honors from college where she studied Sport Science. She is then offered a scholarship to study at the Alvin Ailey School in New York. At the end of their postgraduate studies, both of them transition into working professionally as performers and assisting choreographers. They sometimes ended up working for the same company : Le Ballet Jazz Art de Paris, the Geneva based company Alias and Rui Horta for instance. 

"Multi Styles" - Fuitt Fuitt Technique

« Tarab » expresses the groove of the Middle East in Arabic. It is obtained through the execution of the Maqam, a musical system bound to the Muslim religion, known from China to the Maghreb. Each individual country or region has a unique manner to play the Maqam.

Each maqam describes "tonal-spatial factor" or set of musical notes and the relationships between them. It allows the musician to play in-between the notes and gives him the opportunity to express himself. To find an original way of playing the Maqam requests both rigor and imagination.

The transfer of this technique to the body is at the origin of Laurence Yadi and Nicolas Cantillon’s choreographic research since 2003. It is what they call the "multi-styles " FuittFuitt.