About Takween

beirut contemporary dance school

Created and organized by Maqamat Dance Theatre 
In partnership with Sasha Waltz & Guests

Takween-Beirut Contemporary Dance School (BCDC) was an annual, three-month intensive contemporary dance-training program for young dancers and performance artists interested in pursuing professional careers. Mostly attracting students from the Levant, the program consists of rigorous physical classes alongside courses in choreographic composition and conceptual thinking, which are given by renowned local and international artists, dancers and choreographers. Stemming from a regional lack of educational facilities and instruction and professional opportunity, Takween–BCDC not only provided its participants with the training and discipline needed to professionally establish themselves, but also with a platform for cultural cooperation and exchange necessary for them to become leaders and entrepreneurs in the long-term development and institutionalization of dance as an influential social and cultural practice; thus creating an artistic foundation to begin forging communal dialogue, social bonds and civil change. 

Choreographers, Artists and speakers invited to Takween:

Mathilde Monnier • Gilles Jobin • Henrietta Horn • German Jauregui • In-jung Jun • Massimo Molinari • Jens Bjerregaard • Radhouane ElMeddeb • Omar Rajeh • Sabina Stüker • Sara Christophersen • Helle Siljeholm • Lodie Kardouss• Mia Habis • Aida Sabra • Françoise Tartinville • Todor Todoroff • Yacine Sebti • Simon Laroche • Noura Murad • Paul Ibey • Ghassan Salhab • Walid Sadek • Kristina de Chatel • Marco Cantalupo • Luc Dunberry • Omar Rajeh • Anani Dodji Sanouvi • Rabih Mroue • Damien Jalet • Ghassan Salhab • Walid Sadek • Francesco Scavetta •Pierre Abi Saab • Marcel Leemann • Alia Hamdane • Marlon Barrios • Emilyn Claid •Thierry Smits•
Constanza Macras| Dorky Park • Hooman Sharifi • Cie 7272| Nicolas Cantillon •Nacera Belazza