War On The Balcony

prize of the critics and journalists, best technical performance at Carthage Festivals- Tunisia-2003

A group of rats enters into a newspaper warehouse, after they eat all the news in the papers, one of them decides to make a movie about the Lebanese Civil War along with William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. 

The work discusses the Lebanese Civil War from the point of view of a post-war generation and the effect this war had on their lives. The themes that are presented during the performance are not once seen in a straightforward manner, rather it is the irony of the war itself which makes these themes pop out onto the surface    

Presented at
-    Theatre Monnot, Beirut (January 2003)
-    Journee Theatrale Du Carthage, Tunisia (October 2003)
Won :
The prize of Best Technique in performance                          The prize of the journalists and critics
-  Laokoon Festival, Kampnagel Hamburg (August 2004)
cast and credits

Original Cast of 'War On The Balcony' 
January 7th, 2003 at Theatre Monnot

Choreographed and Directed by Omar Rajeh Performed by Ahmad Ghossein, Raed Yassine, Petra Serhal, Khouloud Yassine, Malek Andari, Tania Khoury, Waffa Halawe, Nehmat Jreige, Fadi Sakr, Hicham Jaber.   Music Composed by Tim Pottier, Tarek Yamani, La Chambre-Charbel Habr. In addition to works from: Prokofiev ‘Romeo And Juliet’, Mendelssohn, Shostakovich, Lenny Kravitz, Dick Dale, Dalida.  Scenography Nadim Deaibess, Omar Rajeh Light Design Nadim Deaibess Sound Operator Bassel Kassem Video Elie Shalhoub, Hicham Jaber.  Duration of the show  75 minutes         

Produced by
 Maqamat Theatre Dance     Supported by  DBM (danse bassin Mediterranee) and YATF (young arab theatre fund)