PREMIERE 26 SEPTEMBER 2021 at the Kaluga Cultural Institute.

Omar Rajeh | Maqamat was commissioned by the Kaluga Innovative Cultural Centre for a new creation called UNION, inspired by the rocket scientist and pioneer of the astronautic theory, Konstantin Tsiolkovsky.

Omar Rajeh embarks with a group of 10 dancers on a journey of creation to question the unknown, which brings us back to our humanity; to question deeply our existence and being. It is a homage to rocket scientist and pioneer of the astronautic theory Konstantin Tsiolkovsky who wrote that "All matter in the Universe is mixed up… Destiny of a creature depends on destiny of the Universe." The work is an inspiration of his passion and contribution to space travel and Rocketry, as if the journey into the stars, the void, the darkness, and all its harmony is a journey that brings us inwards, into ourselves, and into our deep human essence.

UNION will premiere on the 26th of September at the Kaluga Innovative Cultural Centre, followed by 2 performances on the18th & 19th of October within the DanceInversion International Contemporary Dance Festival / Bolshoi Theater, Moscow.

UNION is a production by Maqamat & the Kaluga Innovation Culture Centre. It is co-produced by the MM Art Line Agency. Supported by DanceInversion International Contemporary Dance Festival (Bolshoi Theater) and Institut Francais de Russie. 

Co­produced by Maqamat and the Innovative Cultural Center of Kaluga. In collaboration with the MM Art Line Agency. Sponsored by the International Contemporary Dance Festival DanceInversion and the Institute Français of Russia

performance dates and touring

Sunday 26th of September 2021
12:00 am |

cast and credits

Choreography Omar Rajeh
Technical Director Andrey Gorlachev
Music Charbel Haber
Light Design Boris Rudnev
Costumes Xenia Minskaya Administrator – varvara Kasatkina
Administrator Maqamat Bruno Viguier
Maintenance Oleg Gorshkov
Dancers Dmirty Molyanov, Anastasia Tskhai, Artur Mikoyan, Anna Zhukova, Vadim Anurin, Larisa Monzhalei, Vadim Lavrentsov, Irina Sinatorova, Anton Fedan, Anna Kirilina
Artistic Director of the Innovative Ballet Theatre Xenia Golyzhbina

Duration 60 minutes