It's May. or May-be, or May-never

Commissioned work , as part of a Triple Bill for nordwest/Tanzcompagnie Oldenburg

Omar Rajeh choreographed ""It's May, May-be, or May-Never" with 6 dancers of Tanzcompagnie Oldenburg, Germany. Together with Arco Renz (Germany) and Iztok Kovac (Slovenia) Omar contributed to "Triple Bill", an evening which is reflecting on the music of the 68 generation. Omar Rajeh is approaching the theme from a very distinctive point of view, the late Sixties as a period of  security and freedom in his homecountry of Lebanon. His creation is a very deep insight in human nature, an atmospheric encounter of six individuals, who are thrown and moved by the fragrance of a lost prosperous age. But Omar Rajeh is sensitive enough not to glorify the past. Unpretentiously Vietnam reportage elements mingle into the personal atmosphere, setting a strong counterpoint to Joan Baez' yearning voice.

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cast and credits

Premiered March 2011, Oldenburg

Choreography and set Omar Rajeh Artistic Assistance Miranda Gliksoin Music Joan Baez Dance Alessandra Corti, Vivienne Hötger, Cordelia Lange, Rober Gomez, Frank Koenen, Sasha Pavic Light design Philipp Wiechert Costume Claudia Kuhr Rehearsal Director Andrea Svobodova Set Assistance Lisa Busse Photos by Andreas J. Etter