intimate conversation with a red fish

a solo for Mia Habis

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This new performance created by Mia Habis & Omar Rajeh is inspired by the civil awakenings taking place in most of the Arab speaking countries. The active, resistant, and engaged body crossed the restrictions imposed on it and declared its being and presence. It manifested its power and awareness through its ‘liveness’. The body was never recorded, nor copied, and never virtual. It was in the streets proclaiming its ‘being’ and generating its future reality.

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performance dates and touring

Wednesday 18th of April 2012
8:30 pm | Maqamat Dance House, Beirut / BIPOD

Saturday 31st of March 2012
8:30 pm | Maqamat Dance House, Beirut

Friday 30th of March 2012
8:30 pm | Maqamat Dance House, Beirut

cast and credits

Presented at Maqamat DanceHouse
30th of March 2012

Choreography and scenography : Omar Rajeh Dance and text Mia Habis Animation and graphics 
David Habchy Music composition Daniel Balaban  Assistant scenography  Louise Parnel  Stage manager Jennifer Hachem Photography Joe Kesrouani  Produced by Maqamat