moultaqa leymoun 2016

arab dance platform | 5th edition

14th to 17th April 2016


22 artists from Lebanon and other Arab Countries and more than 40 international dance programmers participated in this edition of Moultaqa Leymoun. 

Leymoun Artistic Residency : 15 dancers from Lebanon and the Arab Countries worked hand in hand with renowned choreographer Guillermo Botelho and company ALIAS on their already touring performance Sideways Rains. The Arab dancers rehearsed for 10 days in the Chouf Mountains at MAQAMAT - Beit El Raqs with the dancers and choreographer of the Swiss dance company.   After Beirut they traveled with the piece to Jordan and Palestine to perform in the Amman and Ramallah Contemporary Dance Festivals. 

Photo Exhibition : During this edition of MOULTAQA LEYMOUN, a photo exhibition was held as a retrospective of the different editions of the platform through these chosen photographs. 
However for this fifth edition,  the young emerging artists invited to LEYMOUN decided to participate in a different way, by sending in pictures that aim to communicate and express the pleasure that dance brings to them, and its importance in their everyday lives. 

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