Leymoun 2009

arab dance platform | 1st edition

23rd - 26th April 2009


The first edition of Leymoun-Arab dance platform took place for four days within BIPOD 2009 edition, during which thirty-five choreographers from all Arab countries were invited to present their work, attend lectures, and participate in workshops and meetings. More than 120 international dance presenters, festival directors, venue directors, producers and dance critics attended the platform and participated in its activities. 

The main concern of Maqamat Dance Theatre, through Leymoun, was to set up a firm ground for the establishment of a contemporary dance scene that communicates different philosophical, sociological, and artistic concepts within a cultural and artistic framework. This first edition of the Leymoun-Arab Dance Platform was a huge step closer in creating a new definition and introduction to all established and emerging choreographers of the arab world. The discussions panels reflected the need for building bridges for communication between all artists in order to create a huge and well rounded network. Many European and international  guests took part in witnessing the beginning of this network and found interest in collaborating with many artists.

Leymoun- Arab Dance Platform 2009 was an important event that a unique opportunity, and established a strong condition for the development, diffusion and sustainability of Contemporary dance in the Arab World.