Luna Cenere

Residency September 2018

This residency is within the framework of the Italian artist residency program that is being hosted and supported by Maqamat in collaboration with Institut Francais de Deir El Qamar and with the support of MiBACT and the Italian Ministry of Culture and the Istituto Italiano de Cultura in Lebanon.

About the artist

Luna Cenere is a dancer and young author from Naples (IT). In 2011 she graduated from SEAD, (Austria) and participated as a guest member to the creations of the company 'SEAD Bodhi Project' made by Anton Lacky (Anton Lacky Company) and Josef Frucek (Rootlessroot). In 2014 she worked with Simone Forti and Anton Lacky, in 2016 with the Agitart Company (Spain). In the same year she became a member of the Virgilio Sieni Company (Italy). Author of the solo 'Kokoro' selected by 'Aerowaves Twenty18', from the 'Vetrina della giovane danza d'autore-Azione del Network Anticorpi XL 2017 and Winner of the Price for Best Choreography by the' Solocoreografico 2017 ‘; “TWIN” work in progress also selected by 'Vetrina della giovane danza d'autore-Azione del Network Anticorpi XL 2018 and "Natural Gravitation" a commissioned and produced by Ravello Festival 2018 and Compagnia Korper.
Certified teacher form SEAD, Luna conducts workshops of movement research and improvisation.

She lives between Italy and Belgium.

About the work in residency

The word 'pneuma' has taken different meanings over time, it evolved through history. Originally linked to the concept of vital breath and literally translated with 'composed by air'. Today the term refers to a mechanical principle, in between the invisible action and its phenomenal manifestation. A principle that manifests itself as a pulsation or a vibration to which all the elements of the universe agree. A perpetual motion whose structure repeats itself to infinity and within which mutations occur. The fascination emerges from the dialogue between body-space-technology, whose common denominator is the constant change, the cyclicality in small and large scale, the matter and its invisible component. 

performance dates

Tuesday 18th of September 2018
12:00 am | Maqamat Beit El Raqs- Institut Francais, Deir El Qamar