Maqamat Dance House

Maqamat / Omar Rajeh is pleased to announce the opening of Maqamat Beit El-Raqs in the Shouf Mountains of Lebanon, in collaboration with Baakline National Library & Institut Francais - Deir El Qamar 

Maqamat Beit El-Raqs is a space for artistic creativity, training, and teaching of different genres of dance. Two dance studios situated in Baakline & Deir El-Qamar, aiming at  creating a dynamic scene for Arts and Culture and highlighting the need for such an initiative outside of the Capital. 


Beit El Raqs will be offering dance classes for all ages starting from 7 years old. Contemporary Dance classes & DABKE with Omar Rajeh, Classical Ballet with Mia Habis, Tango Argentino with Mazen Kiwan, Hip Hop with Charles Makriss, and Yoga with Hisham Nasr. 

for detailed info on classes please click here


The studios will also be open for local and international artistic residencies as well as other creative dance activities. Artists are encouraged to send their proposals anytime of the year.

info@maqamat.org /
M. +961 76 45 49 18


Beit el-Raqs
is a development of a similar project that Maqamat developed in Beirut in 2011. Maqamat DanceHouse was a project created by Maqamat in order to co-produce and present the work of local and international artists. The 'House' aims at encouraging residencies and creations in the city as well as creating a strong condition for the continuous development and progress of contemporary dance. 

The performances listed in this section are by local artists that Maqamat supported an do-produced or by international artists that Maqamat invited to present their work in Lebanon or teach at Takween (http://www.maqamat.org/workshops/13-about-takween).