Eszter Salamon (GE)

Reproduction | Dance for Nothing

Eszter Salamon is a choreographer, dancer and performer living in Berlin. She studied classical ballet at the National Dance Academy of Budapest and Hungarian folk dance. Since 2001, she creates and presents her work internationally in dance and performing arts venues and festivals in Europe, Asia, USA and South America. Beside movement, she is using voice and music as well as documentary and ctional narration as choreographic extensions in her work."

In Dance for Nothing, Eszer Salamon performs John Cage’s music, "Lecture on Nothing” (1949) and simultaneously dances with the aim of creating choreography of movements to be juxtaposed to the text piece. The idea of using music done by words and performing a parallel action as another temporality follows the desire for interaction with non-interference. “The dance in ‘Dance for Nothing’ should be autonomous and never become an illustration or a commentary on the text.” (Eszter Salamon)

In "Reproduction" . Eszter Salamon revisits her work (2006) It is a residency project with local and international performers at the Maqamat DanceHouse in partnership with the Goethe-Institut. The choreography shows in a very brilliant, let's say «tender-troubling » way, the scores of gaze-regimes. As a reection on how we constitute bodies merely by perceiving them in a certain manner, this work generates floating bodies, which can no longer be xed to one single identity. The main score consists in repetition and a simple formation of bodies, accessories, costumes, motion and touch. But while reproducing scenes of intimacy, scenes of touch, scenes of love, and letting them last, the (voyeurist) audience assists another spectacle, which disfigures the physical borderlines we used to see.
performance dates

Friday 16th of September 2011
8:30 pm | Maqamat Dance House

Saturday 10th of September 2011
8:30 pm | Maqamat Dance House

cast and credits

Dance for Nothing

concept & danceEszter Salamon, music by John Cage organisation Alexandra Wellensiek, extrapole/Agnès Henry duration 45 minutescoproductionDANCE 2010, 12.Internationales Festival des zeitgenössischen Tanzes (Munich), Festival Next (Valenciennes), Far – Festival des arts vivants (Nyon), TanzWerkstatt Berlin/Tanz im August supported by the National Performance Network with funding provided by the German Federal Cultural Foundation and Botschaft (Berlin) thanks toShaina Anand and Ashok Sukumaran/CAMP, Bojana Cvéjic, Paf-St. Erme, Jan Ritsema


concept Eszter Salamon, assistant Arantxa Martinez dancers Habib Tawk,
Dorian Brick, Melkan Dana, Joe Thomas, Roy Arne-Olsen, Jerome Darfeuil, Alessandro Del Pierro, & Adam Ayyache music Fugazi collaboration for costumes Umama Hamido duration 60 minutes management Alexandra Wellensiek coproductionLa Bâtie Festival de Genève, Les Spectacles Vivants-Centre Pompidou, Paris, Kaaitheater Bruxelles,Podewil and TanzWerkstatt Berlin with the support of Hauptstadtkulturfonds Berlin and Le Kwatt thanks toTal, Tanzfabrik Berlin, Paul Gazzola, Annunziata Matteucci and Alex Roccoli