Thierry Smith (BE)

LITTLE PIECES IN BEIRUT, a cContemporary Dance performance for Takween Collective

How to interfere with materials and movements?
How to put the things in space?
And let us question the sens of all this.
Is it about dance? Is it about politics? Or just about poetry?

1- This is my temple
2- Forbidden action
3- Oh my God!
4- Let us breathe
5- Flight over Beqaa
6- Migration
7- Flowers of hope
8- We will disappear

cast and credits

With his Compagnie Thor, Thierry Smits is one of the established values of Belgian dance. His performances move back and forth between pure dance and real drama and explore, often in an eclectic fashion, the bonds between mystic and erotic, the ambiguities between the sacred and corporeal, all the while probing the metaphysical problems of an individual’s state of mind and emotions.  In about 20 years, the company has staged over thirty dance creations in venues all over the world.