Marcel Leemann (SZ)

A Contemporary Dance Performance for Takween Collective

Marcel Leemann Physical Dance Theater produces emotional, physical challenging dance theater which confronts audiences with humour, passion and an unexpected rawness. Leemann’s works are based on structured improvisations using his distinct movement language. Collaborations with DJ’s, VJ’s, composers and writers contribute to a rich creative process. MLPDT works with a core group of dancers, and invited guests.

Marcel Leemann is a guest choreographer at Maqamat Dance Theatre & will be creating a new work for the takween collective. The work will be the outcome of an intensive training based on improvisation and physically challenging dance movements. Marcel will be working closely with dancers from Lebanon, Palestine, Egypt and Norway.

performance dates

Friday 23rd of September 2011
8:30 pm | Maqamat Dance House

Saturday 17th of September 2011
8:30 pm | Maqamat Dance House