Maqamat Dance House

Hoor Malas & Charlie Prince

Maqamat residencies

Cie 7273 ( SZ)


Charlie Prince and Erin Hill ( Lebanon/ Canada)

Nipple of the Sky ( Residency/ Open Presentation)


Anani Dodji Sanouvi, Hiroaki Umeda, Koen Augustijnen, Omar Rajeh, & Le Trio Joubran

Yolla Khalife, Nadra Assaf and Souraya Baghdadi

Residency for a theatrical piece

MOUVOIR/Stephanie Thiersch ( GE )

Corps √Čtrangers - January 9th & 10th, Beirut, Al-Madina Theatre

Jens Bjerregaard ( DA)

Simple Moves

Ali Chahrour (LE)

On the Lips, Snow

Marlon Barrios (VE/NY)

For Takween Collective

Luc Dunberry (GE)

Contemporary Dance performance for Takween Collecticve

Emilyn Claid (UK)

Contemporary Dance performance for Takween Collecticve

Marcel Leemann (SZ)

A Contemporary Dance Performance for Takween Collective

Eszter Salamon (GE)

Reproduction | Dance for Nothing

Henrietta Horn

Treibschatten (Drifting Shadow) & Schimmer (shimmer)

Gilles Jobin

The Moebius Strip

Thierry Smith (BE)

LITTLE PIECES IN BEIRUT, a cContemporary Dance performance for Takween Collective