bipod 2020

beirut international platform of dance

BIPOD - Beirut international Platform of Dance 

16th Edition | 25 November to 1 December 2020


Housed by Les SubsistancesBIPOD - Beirut International Platform of Dance has played a major role in the development and establishment of a contemporary dance scene in Lebanon. It was founded, by Maqamat in 2004, and has become one of the most awaited dance festivals in the region. It attracts around 5000 spectators each year and offers a rich international program of local and international performances, debates, video dance, conferences and workshops. From November 25 to December 1st , the 16th edition of BIPOD will be hosted at Les Subsistances in Lyon and live streamed in real time from six different cities on


BIPOD 2020 Opening | Concerns Out Loud
With Peggy Olislaeger, Mia Habis and Omar Rajeh

Wednesday 25th of November
5:00 pm |

For the opening of BIPOD 2020 the directors of the Beirut International Platform of Dance, Mia Habis & Omar Rajeh, would like to address their audience on this 16th edition, which is taking place in very special circumstances and times. They will be joined by dance activist Peggy Olislaegers who accompanied Omar and Mia through the whole concept of this year's edition, sharing a space for thoughts and the three of them wanted to extend the invitation to all the guests speakers of BIPOD 2020. On this opening, 11 amazing guests will individually share a concern about culture, society, dance, thought, risk, and relationships:

Alexandre Paulikevitch - Guest artist
Alma Salem - Guest curator
François Chaignaud - Guest artist
Joseph Toonga - Guest artist
Juliana Rayes - Guest artist
Kee Hong Low - Guest programer
Lia Rodriguez - Guest artist
Mélanie Demers - Guest artist
Rachid Ouramdan - Guest artist
Salia Sanou - Guest artist
Stéphane Malfettes - Director / Subsistances

Simultaneous translation available FR/EN.


Cie Alias

Wednesday 25th of November
7:00 pm |

All things are cyclical, everything has an end; all things ultimately depart and expire before re-emerging or being reborn under a different form at a given time or place. Collapse, dissolution, renewal, transformation. A group of individuals tumbles into renewal, drawn hypnotically by an invisible force. An allegory of life in constant movement and transformation becomes progressively manifest. An abstract idea becomes symbolized by concrete gestures. Fall and recovery bring us back, ultimately, to the primary condition of Homo erectus.

About Cie Alias

Alias is an independent contemporary dance company created in Geneva in 1994 by the dancer and choreographer Guilherme Botelho. Since its inception, the company has produced more than twenty-five shows crowned by international success, as reflected by the nearly five hundred performances given in twenty countries of Europe, Africa, Asia, and North and South America. Alias’ creations cast a shrewd, uncompromising look on our daily lives. The company has made of mission of seeing through appearances and unravelling habits, calling our convictions into question, and searching for hidden, unexplored or unusual points of view.

Cast & Credits

Guilherme Botelho Choreographer
Jean-Philippe Roy Lighting Designer
MurcofOriginal Soundtrack
Amandine Rutschmann Costumes
Arnaud Bacharach Dancer
Eve Bouchelot Dancer
Louis Bourel Dancer
Veronica Garcia-Ugrin Dancer
Victoria Hoyland Dancer
Alex Landa Aguirreche Dancer
Johanna Willig-Rosenstein Dancer
Amandine BaldiT  echnician
Marco Renna Communication
Benoît Frachebourg Administration

Support credits

Azi Dahaka

Thursday 26th of November
7:00 pm |

The piece is inspired by a symbolic Iranian myth about a Persian king who trans- forms into a three-headed monster, witnessing the growth of two snakes from his shoulders. The underlying concept of this myth still lives in us, every single moment we’ve been transformed inevitably, from reality to imagination, from motion to stillness, from internal mood changes and a minuscule virus to a massive explosion, changes us into different forms, stealing from us stability and stillness and turning us to an un-known creature.

About Maha

MāHa is created by the body and meditating on the body itself, it aims at reminding us of passion and expressing it through movement, emphasizing on perception from the environment, action and reaction, effect and affect, individual worldview, learning and education. By designing and performing the movements, MāHa attempts to represent a narrative of the world, appreciate the sensation of the universe and, through the participation and sympathy of others, move a step closer towards promoting the art of dance and choreography.

Cast & Credits

Concept and performance : Hiva Sedaghat & Mitra Ziaei Kia
Music & Video: Amirhossein Taqavee
Lighting designer: Ali Kouzehgar
Music & Sound: Arash Zarabi

Support Credits 

Co-produced and supported by Citerne Beirut and BIPOD- Beirut International Platform of Dance

Pierre Rigal / Cie Dernière Minute

Thursday 26th of November
7:00 pm |

Press plays with the image of the modern man in its huge triviality and at the same time in its mysterious complexity. The body of this individual-product,
this troubling dandy, is transformed by the standardised succession of his own automatisms, but also by the cogwheels of his narrow vital space. Maybe by consent, he finds himself captive in a near to empty room. The mechanical changes of this physical and mental environment act upon his body, forcing him to perpetually adapt his position and his movement. He is then taken into an absurd and anguishing dead-end

About the artist

Pierre Rigal was born in southern France in 1973. He studied mathematic economics in Toulouse and practiced track and field in parallel. At the age of 23, he discovered dance, took classes with numerous choreographers, among them Wim Vandekeybus, Philippe Decouflé, Nacera Belaza and worked with Gilles Jobin. In 2003, he founded the Compagnie dernière minute in Toulouse, for which he created more than 15 pieces.

Cast & Credits
Pierre Rigal Concept and Choreography
Frédéric Stoll Lighting Design and Machinery
Nihil Bordures Original Music
George Dyson Sound and Live Music
Mélanie Chartreux Assistant to the choreographer
Sophie Schneider Producer
Nathalie Vautrin  Booking
Suzanne Maugei Administration

Photo ©JihyeJung


Production compagnie dernière minute, Gate theatre London

Coproduction Rencontres chorégraphiques internationales de Seine-Saint-Denis, Théâtre Garonne - Toulouse

With the support of Regional Directorate for Cultural Affairs Occitanie / French Ministry of Culture and Communication, Region Occitanie / Pyrénées – Méditerranée and the City council of Toulouse. It is supported by the Departmental Council of Haute-Garonne and the convention Culturesfrance / Ville de Toulouse

Compagnie dernière minute is subsidized by the Ministry of Culture and Communication / Prefecture of the region Occitanie /Pyrénées-Méditerranée, the Region Occitanie and the City of Toulouse.

Manufacture Sérielle
La Maison de Crémant

Saturday 28th of November
7:00 pm |

In the Bipod edition of Manufacture Sérielle, the artist collective from Berlin will present "La maison de Crémant va à Beyrouth (ou bien pas)" in which the three core artists Jochen Roller, Jule Flierl and Monika Gintersdorfer perform a virtual performance they would have created if they would have travelled to Beirut.

About the artists

La Maison de Crémant is a loose collective of independent artists from Berlin who are in search of new ways of distributing art outside the neoliberal art system. With Manufacture Serielle they created a series of online performance on Zoom which brings together in a safe space artists from underprivileged production environments. For each edition of Manufacture Sérielle, up to five artists meet for one whole day in the internet to create a virtual performance together.

Cast & Credits

Jochen Roller Concept & Online-Performance
Jule Flierl Online-Performance
Monika Gintersdorfer Online-Performance
Sebastian Ellrich Make-Up

NPN- mational Performance Netz | Goethe Institute in Beirut | Neu Start
Instituto Stocos

Sunday 29th of November
7:00 pm |

Oecumene is an interactive dance and music piece that reflects on the role of the individual in the world, with her senses expanded through technology beyond the limits of her geographical birthplace or cultural identity of origin. The Oecumene is a term that comes from the Alexandrian ideal of Cosmopolis: the world inhabited as a whole, as the common possession of the civilised humanity of free men and women. A concept developed in this creation for a dancer and immersive sound design, in which she enters and interacts with a sonic tapestry composed of thousands of phonemes coming from multiple places on the planet.

About the artists
Integrated by Muriel Romero, Pablo Palacio and Daniel Bisig, INSTITUTO STOCOS is a project focused on the analysis, research and development of the interaction between body gesture, music and interactive visual imagery, integrating in a performative context abstraction taken from other disciplines such as artificial intelligence, biology, mathematics or experimental psychology. In their stage works the dancers interact with sonic and visual entities, allowing to alter and extend their bodily presence.

Cast & Credits
Muriel Romero Choreography & Performance
Pablo Palacio Music and Interactive Technology
Daniel Bisig Software and Interactive Technology
Maxi Gilbert Lighting

Infomus-Casa Paganini- Universitá di Genova (Italia) and Institute for Computer Music and Sound Technology of Zurich (Suiza)- Production Instituto Stocos Co-production Citerne Beirut Supported by inaem , AC/E, H2020, Communidad Madrid.

By Yara Boustany

Monday 30th of November
7:00 pm |

Noctilūca explores the potential re-appropriation of a lost wild layer of being. In the pursuit of a disciplined and controlled society, sparks of dynamism and life force have been dulled. Awakening the tamed and penetrating the unknown, I reunite with my body, in the sway of a primordial tune.

About the artist

Yara Boustany is a dance/theater performer and choreographer based in Beirut. She is the founder Amalgam Studio in Beirut, a space for performers to develop their practice.Her interdisciplinary work is a poetical approach to the dilemmas of being human in a rapidly evolving society - technologically, scientifically and philosophically. She took part in national and international performances, including Beirut, Stuttgart, Ankara, Warsaw, London, Manchester, Liverpool, Chalon-sur-Saone and Athens.

Cast & Credits

Yara Boustany Choreography and Performance
Georgios Gargalas Composer
Racha Baroud Dramaturg
Riccardo Clementi Light Designer
Farah Naboulsi Technical Support
Nader Bahsoun Photography


AFAC- Arab Fund for Arts and Culture | LAU- Lebanese American University

Special thanks to Ayman Baalbaki, Layal Boustany, Nader Bahsoun, Abbas Bayram, Aymeric Lorthiois

Oynunu II
By Khansa

Tuesday 1st of December
7:00 pm |

Oyunu II is an interdisciplinary performance that revisits an imagined event in the history of East Mediterranean queer culture. It is Inspired by the banned culture of the köçek, which flourished from the 17th to the 19th century and had its origin in the 'harems' of Ottoman palaces. Oyunu is an immersive concert experience, through the eyes of a male dancer, that features traditional songs, electronic music, & belly dance. By bridging between tradition and contemporary life, the concert subtly explores controversial themes: masculinity, homoeroticism & islam.

About the artist

Khansa is a Lebanese performance and music artist, choreographer, and belly dancer who breaks stereotypes of traditional East Mediterranean values regarding masculinity, through his dancing and singing. His diverse cultural references range from religion to art, telling an untold story about his region. Khansa has been featured on Vice, BBC, Mille world, Culture trip, Plastik, Reorient Magazine, The Guardian, Stepfeed, and was chosen by L’Orient le jour, Liban as one of the top 16 Lebanese artists who made 2018.

Cast & Credits

Khansa Choreography & Performance
Samer Etyen Chami Live Music
Malek Rizkallah Live Music
Ahmad El Khateeb Live Music
Samer Etyen Chami Music Composition
Mohamad Safa Music Composition
Mo Zahzah Music Composition
Eric Mathieu RitterWardrobe
Anis Ezzeddine Wardrobe
Mohamad Hissi Lights
Majd El Baba Sound Engineer
Shady Chaaban Photographer


AFAC- Arab Fund for Arts & Culture | LAU-Lebanese American University


Be Sideways
A documentary by Stéphane Darioly

Friday 27th of November
8:00 am |

In April 2016, the company embarked on a unique adventure: participate in a meeting between professionals from different regions of the Arab world WITHIN THE BIPOD FESTIVAL in order to develop an artistic and human exchange. A dozen contemporary dancers from Syria, Palestine, Jordan, Tunisia, Egypt and Iran, or even Lebanon and Morocco, will make up the cast of Sideways Rain for several weeks during a road movie tour starting from the Chouf mountains, passing through Amman and Ramallah, before ending in Jerusalem.

About the artist

Did his audiovisual studies at ESAV in Geneva, Switzerland in the Video-Cinema section and a master's degree in new media at HEAD. He works as a freelance and co-founder of the association Videocraft and Sàrl MUR: 4. Stéphane has been active in the field of performing arts recording for more than 10 years with some forays into documentary for television either as a director or as an editor.

Cast & Credits

Stephane Darioly Filmmaker, images and editing
Murcof Music
Lluvia de Sela Editing intern
Shirin Dahan Translation
Hiam Serhan Translation
Negar Alam Translation
Armin Zoghi Translation
Richard Höglund Translation

Angela Rabglio - Bassam Bou Diab - Charlie Prince - Eloi Gianni - Erik Lobelius- Fabio Bermagaschi - Ghida Hachicho - Guilherme Botelho - Hamdi Dridi - Hoor Malas - Jadd Tank - Jassi Murad - Jumana Dabis - Luisa Schofer - Mia Habis - Mitra Ziaeikia - Mounir Saeed - Moustafa Shabkhan - Nataly Salsa - Nowwar Khaled Salam- Ramz Siam - Romy Assouad - Sara Dominguez - Sharaf Darzaid - Sina SaberiW - Yousef Sbeih

Film Essay

Talal Khoury

Wednesday 25th of November
6:30 pm |

The blue waters of the Mediterranean hold the secrets of more than a thousand deaths. In this meditative visual essay, we contemplate the fates of these countless victims who perished under the waves of the sea.

About the artist
Born in Lebanon, Talal Khoury pursues a career in cinematography and works on numerous projects with renowned directors. His work and visual aesthetic is inspired by human tragedies.

Cast & Credits
Talal Khoury Director and Cinematographer
Khayyam Ellami Music and sound design
Makram Halabi Editor


Habiter Beyrouth
A podcast by Michel Tabet

Sunday 29th of November
6:30 pm |

I was not Beirut on the day of the explosion, but I think the shock wave reached me. For days and days my stomach turned upside down. It's not just because this explosion hit my city and my country. It's also because the neighborhoods that have been affected are the neighborhoods of my childhood and adolescence, the neighborhoods where my closest Lebanese friends live and where I know every nook and cranny. I decided to visit them, get some news, walk the streets and measure the geographical and human modifications that this explosion induces.


Cartes sur table
With Peggy Olislaeger

Thursday 26th of November
5:00 pm |

In the panel discussion “Cartes Sur Table” we will discuss the kind of relationships and conversations needed these days. How do we broaden the pallet of relationships in the industry of culture, beyond the transactional relationships? How do we exchange our experiences, and values? What is a word like collaboration, or active citizenship meaning for you? Peggy OlislaegersDance Activist

Davy BrunDirecteur
Amy BellArtiste Chorégraphe, Productrice
Mélanie DemersChorégarphe

Photo couch by Michael Gaida

The Aftremath of a Masked World
With Peggy Olislaeger

Friday 27th of November
5:00 pm |

In the panel discussion “The Aftermaths of a masked World” , focusing on what it means to be an artist these days, we start our conversation with the following observation: “It seems that the real struggle of culture is to formulate a new perception beyond the fixed labels of power and domination. An ecological as well as a human discourse. Culture and thought must renew themselves outside of the inherited structures of the current economic, political and social structures.“

Simultaneous translation available FR/EN.

Photo by Michael Gaida

The Public Speaks
With Peggy Olislaeger

Saturday 28th of November
5:00 pm |

How do we continue to engage? What does it mean to be an audience these days? An observer? A witness? How are audience members perceiving our artistic actions, and how is that influencing the artistic decision making? How Can we inspire each other, yet not be afraid to be lost in translation? How do both audience members and artists take risks?  

Photo by Michael Gaida
The Architecture of a Ruined Body
With Peggy Olislaeger

Sunday 29th of November
5:00 pm |

In the panel discussion “The Architecture of a Ruined Body” we are hoping to open a window of inspiration and motivation towards new possibilities of the future. Our main question for this panel will focus on “questioning the body in moments of crisis and disasters, questioning its remaining possibilities, vulnerabilities, resilience or revolt, and simply its being”. The body can refer to the actual human body, next to the society as a body, and the industry of culture as a body.  

Simultaneous translation available FR/EN.

Photo by Michael Gaida

Morning Coffee

Morning Coffee with Guilherme Botelho

Thursday 26th of November
11:00 am |

Mia Habis, Director of BIPOD festival, meets the artists for a coffee. She wants to know more and discover things about their character, their work experience and what their morning or backstage looks like. An enjoyable and intimate moment away from the spotlights.
Morning Coffee with Maha
And Mia Habis

Friday 27th of November
11:00 am |

Mia Habis, Director of BIPOD festival, meets the artists for a coffee. She wants to know more and discover things about their character, their work experience and what their morning or backstage looks like. An enjoyable and intimate moment away from the spotlights.

( Photo Pixabay)

A Coffee with Pierre Rigal
And Mia Habis

Saturday 28th of November
11:00 am |

Mia Habis, Director of BIPOD festival, meets the artists for a coffee. She wants to know more and discover things about their character, their work experience and what their morning or backstage looks like. An enjoyable and intimate moment away from the spotlights.

( Photo Pixabay)
Dance education in Lebanon with Nadra Assaf
And Omar Rajeh

Sunday 29th of November
11:00 am |

An intimate talk with Nadra Assaf to go through her journey as a choreographer and educator in Lebanon, and to shed light on other dance education initiatives and artistic possibilities.

Simultaneous translation available FR/EN.

( Photo Pixabay)


Who's zooming who?
A workshop by Jochen Roller

Tuesday 1st of December
7:00 pm |

Wednesday 2nd of December
7:00 pm |

Who’s zooming who? 2 & 3 December | Two days workshop Zoom is the new theatre these days. It can be an interesting addition to our analog theatre making but it also confuses the tools we used for work before the pandemic. In the workshop we will deal with questions like: What does „live" mean on Zoom? How does audience interaction changes when the public substitutes being a fourth wall with being an image of tiles? How do we deal with the fact that Zoom always focusses on the performer who speaks?

Supported by the Goethe Institute in Beirut.


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