bipod 2015

beirut international platform of dance

BIPOD–Beirut International Platform of Dance
11th EDITION | 11th – 26 of April, 2015
Al-Madina Theatre | Beryte Theatre  
Montaigne Theatre | Maqamat Beit El-Raqs

BIPOD, the annual contemporary dance platform, continues this year to enhance its already established reputation as one of the most important dance festivals in the region. It has developed a new approach to this medium in Lebanon and established a strong international connection. For its 11th Edition, BIPOD created a very special program and will celebrate dance continuously throughout the event: 10 companies in addition to unique master classes and talks with the artists. This year’s line-up includes internationally acclaimed companies from Belgium, Sweden, Hungary, UK, Germany, The Netherlands, France and Switzerland.

Tickets are available at Librairie Antoine starting March 20th (details below)

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Saturday 11th of April
7:00 pm | Al-Madina Theatre, Hamra

Duration: 55 minutes

The performance in Beirut is supported by prohelvetia

About the choreographer

Choreographers Laurence Yadi and Nicolas Cantillon created Company 7273 in 2003. Laurence Yadi and Nicolas Cantillon’s choreographic research is based around a « multi-dance-style » called FuittFuitt. From Solo to performances with twenty dancers, their performances which toured around the world are accompanied by other successful artistic collaborations with the Ballet du Grand Théâtre de Genève, the collection of three watches for Swatch Art Collection.

About the performance

Tarab is a Ceremony Soufy-Groovy.The movement unfolds in an uninterrupted flow without repeating itself. The result is a mesmerizing dance, inhabited by a desire for infinity, because we are indeed possessed by the thought of entering the movement and never leaving it.


Sunday 12th of April
8:30 pm | Beryte Theatre


Duration: 50 minutes

The performance in Beirut is supported by Fédération Wallonie Bruxelles International. In Collaboration with Wallonie-Bruxelles Théâtre/ Danse 

About the choreographer

Based in Brussels, Compagnie Thor was founded in 1990 by choreographer Thierry Smits whose work oscillate between pure dance and dramatization. The company has produced about thirty dance performances, notably d'Orient and To the Ones I Love which were presented at BIPOD. Over the years, Company Thor has evolved into one of the mainstays of the Belgian dance world and has garnered itself an international reputation, touring extensively in Belgium and abroad, throughout Europe, America, the Middle East and Northern Africa.

About the performance

Thierry Smits' new creation deals with liberation, insubordination and the necessity of revolt. Through the body and movements of young dancer Nicola Leahey, Smits delivers a choreographic metaphor for the women that are constricted subjects even today. But he also makes allusion, on a more universal level, to the yoke of conventions, the power relations which any individual – man or woman – can experience... and subsequently refers to the necessity of revolt to break free, to the breach which can be found and to the freedom which has to be won.


Wednesday 15th of April
8:30 pm | Beryte Theatre

Duration: 50 minutes

The performance in Beirut is supported by the Goethe Institute
About the choreographers

Jefta van Dinther is a choreographer and dancer working between Stockholm and Berlin. His work is characterized by a rigorous physical approach and always implies a staged research of movement itself. It deals with notions of illusion, the visible and the invisible, synesthesia, darkness, labour, the uncanny, affect, voice and image. 
Thiago Granato is a choreographer and performer that lives and works in between Brazil and Europe. His own work as choreographer has been presented in different countries as Brazil, Spain, Austria, Germany, Sweden and France. He was dance teacher at the Estúdio Nova Dança (São Paulo/Brazil), as well as for contemporary dance companies. During 2013 and 2014 he was selected to be fellow at Akademie Schloss Solitude in Stuttgart where he developed new choreographic research.

About the performance

THIS IS CONCRETE is a slow ride. Two men's bodies intermingle with each other incessantly, blurring their boundaries. Infused in a sonic environment of dizzying beats and revolving shadows, the performers’ trip is lengthy, sedated, coital. Movements mutate into words as the two men's voices start to speak their mouths and bodies. In the corporeal and social fusion generated between them, their drive slides into pleasure, talking into eating, fucking into dancing and symbiosis into parasitism. THIS IS CONCRETE is a collaboration between choreographers and dancers Jefta van Dinther and Thiago Granato. The performance ventures staging something intimate, incorporating the volatile as building blocks in its composition - offering to its audience to spend time with something uncertain; something uncertain and infectiously slow.

AAKASH ODEDRA (UK), choreographed by Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui, Akram Khan, Russell Maliphant

Friday 17th of April
8:30 pm | Al- Madina Theatre

Saturday 18th of April
8:30 pm | Al- Madina Theatre

Duration: 70 minutes

Choreographed by Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui, Akram Khan, Russell Maliphant
The performance in Beirut is supported by The British Council

About the company

Aakash Odedra was born in Birmingham and trained in the classical Indian dance styles of Kathak and Bharat Natyam in the UK and in India. He incorporates that training in a unique synthesis with contemporary dance, both in his choreography and his creations with other choreographers. Aakash formed Aakash Odedra Company in 2011 as a vehicle for commissioning solos and for developing his own choreographic work. In May 2014 Aakash Odedra Company presented Murmur (with Lewis Major and Ars Electronica Futurelab) and Inked (by Damien Jalet) at International Dance Festival Birmingham.

About the performance

Rising is the successful debut production of Aakash Odedra Company. It features four works performed by Aakash, exploring different processes and aesthetics to create a new personal language. Aakash performs solos choreographed by Russell Maliphant, Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui, Akram Khan and himself and featuring lighting by Michael Hulls and Willy Cessa. All use Aakash’s background in Kathak and Bharatanatyam to create a distinct flavour of contemporary dance. “Single-minded passion is never quite enough. Innovation is a collective performance.” Unknown


Sunday 19th of April
8:30 pm | Al- Madina Theatre

Duration: 55 minutes

The performance in Beirut is supported by The Honorary Consulate general of Sweden in Beirut and  Spectacle Vivant en Bretagne

About the company

The piece was created by three choreographers Aloun Marchal, Simon Tanguy and Roger Sala Reyner. They met during their formations in SNDO (School for New Dance Development) in Amsterdam. Their way of working embraces the conflict of  decision making and the dynamics of saying yes to every proposition made in the rehearsal studio. They call it « anarchy-democracy ». It means that each individual fights for his own artistic interest as he lifts up the collaboration. They believe that their attitude filters the dance and choreography through generosity, spontaneity and friction.

About the performance

Gerro, Minos and Him is about three men thrown in an empty room, who find their way to spend time together. That’s where the game starts, clearly happening in front of the audience. There they start the ongoing transformation of their bodies and relationships. Using just what is here, their imaginations, their own body, the ones of the partners and the audience, they extract themselves from the actual room of the theater to shape fictional spaces that collide with the empty stage and in between themselves. 


Wednesday 22nd of April
8:30 pm | Montaigne Theatre

Duration: 30 minutes

The performance in Beirut is supported by The Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Beirut

About the choreographer

Martens’ works explore the possibility of a perfect balance and symbiosis between storytelling and conceptualism. He’s not trying to create a new movement language, but instead he molds and recycles existing idioms and places them in a different setting, so a new idea emerges. In his work the beauty of the incomplete human being stands up front, rather than to excel in choreographic complexity or physical virtuosity. In 2013-2014 Martens is artist-in-residence at ICKAmsterdam and supported by DansBrabant. Since September 2014 he’s artist-in-residence at tanzhaus nrw.

About the performances

Ode to the attempt is a new solo that Martens created for himself. After creating some almost dogmatic pieces, this new solo is a free place to fool around. The result is a collage-like self-portrait laying bare choreographic and other choices and his way of working and living. Authenticity, manipulation, coolness, perfectionism, humor and melancholy form the extremes between which Martens moves, wondering whether he is part of the new generation. In this solo Martens gives an insight into his way of working and living. He is standing in his most simplicity in front of you, inviting you to have a look in his head and computer.


Wednesday 22nd of April
8:30 pm | Theatre Montaigne

Duration: 25 minutes

About the choreographer

Rosana Hribar and Gregor Luštek are well-known contemporary dance artists and choreographers, who collaborate with the key figures and artists of Slovenia’s art life on a regular basis. They have worked together for years and have won national and international awards for their original and creative performances.

About the performance

All for one, one for all – how does this principle unfold in reality and how does it change throughout an actual choreography? How much are individuals dependent and who or what do they depend on? Who takes what from who and why? Who dances as they are telling something and who dances as they are being told? Who speaks when on stage and what is being told? The authors’ world of movements resembles the passionate intimacy of tango, representing the characters’ relations with a pinch of humor.


Thursday 23rd of April
8:30 pm | Beryte Theatre

Duration: 65 minutes

The performance in Beirut is supported by The Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Beirut

About the choreographer

Martens’ works explore the possibility of a perfect balance and symbiosis between storytelling and conceptualism. He’s not trying to create a new movement language, but instead he molds and recycles existing idioms and places them in a different setting, so a new idea emerges. In his work the beauty of the incomplete human being stands up front, rather than to excel in choreographic complexity or physical virtuosity. In 2013-2014 Martens is artist-in-residence at ICKAmsterdam and supported by DansBrabant. Since September 2014 he’s artist-in-residence at tanzhaus nrw.

About the performances

Sweat Baby Sweat is about all-consuming love, and shows two people who can’t – or won’t – let one another go. A searing, minimal production in which images, text, movement and music complement one another perfectly. The result is a one-hour performance in which a lifetime is passing. A modern mating ritual: naïve, sensual, tender but painful, at the same time comforting and confronting.


Saturday 25th of April
8:30 pm | Al Madina Theatre, Hamra

Duration: 65 minutes

The performance in Beirut is supported by Institut Français Liban | Institut Français Paris

About the company

The SINE QUA NON ART is a creative process of Christophe Béranger and Jonathan Pranlas-Descours, 2 choreographers joining  their efforts in a singular way of writing the stage. Through compromise, artistic statement and often radical choices, the codes of each author are moved to settle where they do not expect them to be. Each process opens up new perceptions and new modes of creation. The body is both subject and object of the sensorial experience. The story of its movement is told in an artistic act that can change our understanding of the world: The political body, the poetical body, the dancing or performative body embrace the unknown in each process, allowing trans-disciplinary and artistic collaborations to explore its limits in new ways. 

About the performance

In scientific parlance, «exuviae» characterizes the phenomenon of molting among vertebrates. This is the starting point of this creation at the limits of performance. It all starts in a bath of hot wax, liquid and translucent substance, which gradually becomes physical, alive, animal. Wax, the result of extensive research, is the essence of this amazing show. It is the support, the thread of the narrative, the mistress as well as the monster to tame. Solidifying, it dictates the pace of the performance until it then transforms the sublime. No representation is quite similar to another ... On stage, two musicians create a soundscape material both hazy and palpable. A brilliant hybrid electro-rock accompanies the mutation of texture and the wild elk or soothing moves of Jonathan and Christopher Descours Pranlas-Beranger. One is slender, graceful, and almost reptilian. The other is massive, an athletic and sensitive grace. A perfect duo.


Sunday 26th of April
8:30 pm | Al- Madina Theatre

Duration: 45 minutes

The performance in Beirut is supported by Instituto Cervantes | The Spanish Embassy in Beirut | INAEM

About the company

Elías Aguirre is a dancer, choreographer, photographer and visual artist .
In 2008 he begins to create his own choreographic works with a particular label: contemporary dance, urban dance techniques and a very present inspiration in nature , especially in insects. From 2011 on, he forms part of the resident companies of Madrid. Some of his awarded and internationally represented Works are: 87grillos, Longfade , Fight or Flight , Flightless and other collaborative as entomo or Escuálido Marsupial. Currently with representations of Flightless, Longfade and entomo in Europe, Asia and South América. Soon Starting a new production.

About the performance

The absurd, gestures and dance converge to unleash the imagination of a character built around the concept of a " flightless bird”. His particular oniric world does redirect his most primal instincts through new ways that reinvent his nature.



Saturday 11th of April
6:00 pm | Al- Madina Theatre | Noha Al-Radi

Sunday 12th of April
10:00 am | Al- Madina Theatre | Noha Al-Radi

About the artist

Julien MAIRE, 1969 is a new media artist currently resides and works in Brussels . In his artworks and performances, Julien Maire systematically re-invents the technology of visual media. His research is a manifest hybrid between media-archeology and the production of new media constellations. His Performance "Demi-pas" receive an Honorary mention in Ars electronica in 2004 , His performance, "Digit" and the installation "Exploding Camera" receive both an Honorary mention in Ars Electronica 07,  "Exploding Camera" also receive the award of New Media Art from the Fondation Liedts-Meesen in 2008. His work was finalist for the "World Technology Award" in New York in 2009.

About the exhibition

Julien's stereolithographic projector is  a conceptual game around 3d cinema, this old myth recently arrived in theaters and TV consumer technologies. He proposes his 3d cinema which generates a unique quality of image with a real depth of field. The projector uses a 3d printed film designed by the artist and shows an endless animation of a man digging in the ground accumulating the earth on a heap: substracting and adding, as in new and old fabrication technologies.
Through expanding & contracting pieces, and stereolithographic projections, Julien Maire's installations indirectly address new technologies, media archaeology and manipulate fiction.

MOULTAQA LEYMOUN - Arab Dance Platform

MOULTAQA LEYMOUN - Arab Dance Platform
Fourth edition

Monday 13th of April
10:00 am | Maqamat Beit El Raqs | Al-Chouf

Tuesday 14th of April
10:00 am | Maqamat Beit El Raqs | Al-Chouf

13th - 14th of April 2015 | Chouf, Lebanon
within BIPOD- Beirut International Platform of Dance 

With the support of Maqamat Beit El-Raqs, British Council and prohelvetia
In collaboration with Institut Francais Deir El-Qamar & Baakline National Library

LEYMOUN is a platform to showcase the work of talented young Arab artists in order to make their work visible for international presenters and dance producers. The success of the three previous editions has been well recognized and many young artists had been able to establish themselves and make use of the opportunity they have been granted. LEYMOUN's success in the three previous years has proved to create a continuously renewed level of understanding and approach that allowed more visibility, collaboration, networking and exchange between artists amongst themselves and international dance presenters. It has also established a ground for new conceptual and thematic approaches by opening discussions towards creating a new theoretical condition for the understanding of dance and the body within our cultural and social environment.

For this next edition, around 10 talented emerging dancers/ choreographers coming from different Arab countries will present and talk about their work, show their technical skills in a presentation that would be the result of a 3 days workshop, be part of round tables that will highlight on their present situation, needs and visions. 




Leymoun- Arab Dance Platform was first created in BIPOD 2009 BIPOD initiated a very strong concept that aimed at establishing an Arab Contemporary Dance Platform and Network. Choreographers from all the Arab countries participated to present their work, attend lectures, workshops, and most importantly various meetings that discussed future collaborations, exchange and networking between them.

International guests and artists from all over the World took part in witnessing the beginning of this Platform and found interest in collaborating with many artists. This project was an exceptional opportunity for artists to meet and exchange ideas about dance and cultural issues related to ‘the body’ and ‘movement.’ It was directed towards enriching, widening, and making visible the creative and conceptual potential of Lebanese and Arab performers and ‘makers’. LEYMOUN presented a space to discuss contemporary concepts and dance development. It was a huge step closer towards creating a new definition and a stronger movement of dance in Arab Countries.  

The three editions of the platform in 2009, 2011 and 2013 were a great success with the participation of more than three hundred artists, international presenters, festival directors, critics, and dance professionals.

The outcome of the three platforms was beyond expectations. Artists were invited to present their work internationally, to participate in residencies, to collaborate with other choreographers, and to be co-produced by international festivals and venues. 


Master Class with CIE 7273 (Switzerland)
An introduction to Fuittfuitt dance style

Sunday 12th of April
10:00 am | Amadeus Ecole de Dance et de Musique

From 10am to 1pm 

This workshop is an introduction to Fuittfuitt dance style developed by choreographers Laurence Yadi and Nicolas Cantillon since 10 years.
This multi styles combines the history of dance (ballet elements of European contemporary dance and oriental influences) and work on the Maqam. In dance, they result from the movement. In search of a continuous movement, Laurence Yadi and Nicolas Cantillon work in the workshop on joint composition relays where each link of the organic chain and draw all the possible Kinespher. Fantasy of an elastic body, between relaxation and deep muscle strength: they offer a way inside swing and motion towards malaxante dance, spiral and hypnotic. Choreographers adapt their approach to the skills levels of each group they work with, starting with warm-up exercises in the beginning but gradually encouraging the participants to perform dance patterns designed by the company.

Limited places
Price: 60$
Registration required in advance
71 61 66 24
Open Class with LEILA MCMILLAN (UK)

Sunday 12th of April
2:00 pm | Amadeus Ecole de Danse et de Musique- Sodeco Square

From 2 pm to 6 pm

Leila McMillan is an International choreographer, dance artist and teacher currently based in London. She is currently a guest lecturer at London School of Contemporary Dance.  She was chosen to be a part of 50 days of Flying Low and Passing Through with David Zambrano in Costa Rica.  Her work has been supported by Blueprint Bursary 2008, Sadler’s Wells, Laban Theatre, Greenwich Dance, Arts Council England, Tripspace Projects, LEM (Argentina), La Caldera (Spain) and Plesna Teater Ljubljana (Slovenia).

Together we will spiral in and out of the earth, pass through expansion and cohesion, run, slide, learn how to challenge gravity, how to fall, how to rise, and how to command your body.  The workshop will be about working with efficient pathways to move with speed without forgetting any part of our body.  We will command our body with our voice.  We will pass through the space with unlimited possibilities in curve transforming the environment of dance.  We will be soft, wild and powerfully spontaneous.

Limited places
Price: 70$
Registration required in advance
71 61 66 24

Master Class with AAKASH ODEDRA (UK)

Saturday 18th of April
11:00 am | Al-Madina Theatre

From to 11 to 1pm

Trained in the classical Indian dance styles of Kathak and Bharatanatyam in India and the UK, Aakash Odedra has a unique movement vocabulary combining an array of dance styles. Aakash is an experienced tutor, and has been delivering dance workshops for over 8 years. He offers challenging material and task based exercises while relating inspiring personal stories of his own journey through dance.
Rich in history, this centuries old form comes from the word ’Katha’ which means story. Kathak technique is characterized by graceful hand movements, virtuosic turns and precise footwork. Workshops for beginner adults may on occasions include Kathak compositions which fit into specific rhythmic time-cycles.
Aakash’s workshop will draw on his background in the classical Indian dance disciplines while remaining intrinsically contemporary in style.

Limited places
Price: 70$
Registration required in advance
71 61 66 24



Maqamat Dance Theatre


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