bipod 2011

beirut international platform of dance

Maqamat Dance Theatre is proud to announce the 7th edition of BIPOD – Beirut International Platform of Dance 2011. This year the program is expected to be one of the best since Beirut will welcome internationally acclaimed contemporary dance companies from April, 14 until April, 30.Moreover, selected Contemporary Dance Choreographers from Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Egypt, Jordan, Palestine, Tunisia, and Morocco along with Takween Collective participants, will present their works during the second edition of the Arab Dance Platform organized by Leymoun- Arab Contemporary Dance Network & Maqamat Dance Theatre.
APRIL 20–24, 2011

Forsythe Chamber Works (Germany)
N.N.N.N. The Vile Parody of Address

Thursday 14th of April

Presented as a mind in four parts: four men in a permanent state of tacit union. Rhythmically, to the whispers of music by Thom Willems, the dancers draw a complex and intense register with their bodies. Arms, heads, chests and legs become singular voices, each in harmony and in counterpoint with the other. The men write a text of the body’s voice, first slowly and then with increasing speed, merging into an entity of strength and joints that flex with a pervasive sense of time and the sublime. The Vile Parody of Address With the delicacy of twilight after the storm, The Vile Parody of Address speaks with a whisper. The dancers individually appear in a series of solos that impact, sculpt and sigh over the entire space. A series of equations imagined the evening, so dark and of thin air impelled by the calm voice of the narrator, whose head is only visible in the background. The well-tempered harpsichord of J.S. Bach enriches the sound structure in which the dancers move and weave increasing clarity into the air that culminates into an intricate and complex duet of passion.
Alain Platel | Les Ballets C de la B (Belgium)
Out of Context

Friday 15th of April

With Out of Context, director Alain Platel aims to return to the fundamentals of dance. Starting from a belief in the human body as emotional tool, as carrier of memories, as raw material for living fine art. While Platel has flirted with the boundaries of opera over the past years, with for example vsprs or pitié!, Out of Context is not a music-driven piece and also has no set or costumes other than those that the dancers can fit in their suitcases. The mastery of the dancers with which Platel embarks on this adventure is indisputable. Each and every one is an impressive figure with whom Platel has traveled far over the years. The show mainly asks questions to them, within the constructive dialogue born out of obsession that takes place between director and dancers. The result may well be quite surprising (intimate, inviting, captivating) and much less ‘out of context’ than the title would suggest.
Cie Linga (SZ)
Falling Grace

Saturday 16th of April

The balance between stable and unstable states: physical and psychological, social and personal. In their latest production, Katarzyna Gdaniec and Marco Cantalupo explore the dynamic process that erupts when stability is disturbed. Stability, worshipped in our time and marketed by our society, is our aspiration despite its fleeting nature; only to be brought down, inescapably, to the perilous and creative expansion of instability. Caught between precarious stability and creative instability, this production follows in the choreographic investigations distinctive of Compagnie Linga’s work.
De Stilte (NL)

Sunday 17th of April

Ten years after its original production, choreographer Jack Timmermans has revised Alice, a dance performance about big and small, for young and old. While looking for a runaway rabbit, Alice finds herself in a whirlpool of lunacy, surrounded by a mouse, a cat, a caterpillar, a queen and a bunch of other creatures she wishes she never met. Follow Alice on an adventurous journey through her dream world, full of exciting pursuits and unexpected turns. Doors of all shapes and sizes offer a peek into a kitchen of fantasy, where the strangest dishes are prepared.
Chunky Move (AS)

Sunday 17th of April

Glow is an illuminating choreographic essay by Artistic Director Gideon Obarzanek and Interactive Software Creator Frieder Weiss. Beneath the glow of a sophisticated video tracking system, a lone organic being mutates in and out of human form into unfamiliar, sensual and grotesque creature states. Utilizing the latest in interactive video technologies a digital landscape is generated in real time in response to the dancer’s movement. The body’s gestures are extended and in turn manipulate by the video world that surrounds it, rendering no two performances exactly the same.
Akram Khan Company (UK)
Vertical Road

Tuesday 26th of April

Vertical Road is Akram Khan’s latest contemporary ensemble work. Khan has assembled a cast of very special performers from across Asia, Europe and the Middle East. With a specially commissioned score by long-term collaborator composer, Nitin Sawhney, Vertical Road draws inspiration from the Sufi tradition and the Persian poet and philosopher Rumi. Exploring man’s earthly nature, his rituals and the consequences of human actions, Vertical Road becomes a meditation on the journey from gravity to grace.
Muriel Romero | Pablo Palacio (SP)

Thursday 28th of April

Catexis is an interactive creation for one dancer and sound design in eight channels. The focus of the piece lies in the correspondence between dance gesture and sonic gesture. Catexis is constructed upon digital transformations of phonemic objects emitted by the dancer that operate as a sonic bio-extension of her body motion. Each phonemic gesture constitutes the sonic and dance seed of each scene. The objective is to suggest an analysis of the natural morphology of certain phonemic objects through sound transformations and dance motion that are considered as an extension of the physiological activity of the vocal tract involved in phonetic production.
Panta Rei (NO)
We Fiction & Private Rite

Friday 29th of April

WeFiction & Private Rite takes the audience on a journey through toy pianos and lamps allowing for humorous moments to unveil. Panta Rei Danseteater presents two new works in a two-part performance WeFiction & Private Rite. WeFiction: Panta Rei Danseteater brings Nathaniel Reeds exciting music composition into WeFiction, a physical and playful piece. The choreography was developed in close liaison with the dancers who share their past and present with the audience. WeFiction takes the audience on a journey among lamps, memories and personal stories.
Cie. Gilles Jobin (SZ)
Spider Galaxies

Saturday 30th of April

Statement of Intent by Gilles Jobin:
“I will be working towards movement and abstraction, looking to activate continuous movement sequences without any repetitions or loops, creating individual scores for each dancers. Thanks to GenMove, a context-free grammar software that Cristian Vogel has specifically developed, we are trying to create a common language that will allow us to produce a very composed yet unpredictable dance and music. The American composer Carla Scaletti will also collaborate on the musical score, trying to use data stemming from the ATLAS particle accelerator at CERN in the composition.”

Leymoun - Arab Dance Platform 2011

Anmar Taha | Iraqi Bodies ( IZ- SW )
The Sleepers

Wednesday 20th of April
7:00 pm | Théâtre Monnot

A victim is a person who is not part of a conflict. Conflicts are based on a harsh desire of an imaginative power. Sleepers are those who do not make it to the light, simply becoming victims. The performance is about looking for a solution at a time when there is no way to turn, challenging one's dogmas and fears. A quest to seek the source of violence that grows from within; to empty of it and make ready to get filled again.
Mia Habis | Maqamat Dance Theatre ( LE )
Permanent State of a Transitory Phase

Wednesday 20th of April
8:00 pm | Al-Madina Theatre

People often bring their day and habits with them to the theatre. Permanent State of a Transitory Phase pushes one to slow down, stop and take the time to realize their own presence and their connection to others. The interactive installation is an invitation to allow us to open up to the immediate occasion of reacting, being embarrassed, indifferent, amused or simply surprised.
Nacera Belaza | Cie. Nacera Belaza ( AG- FR)
Le Temps Scellé

Wednesday 20th of April
8:30 pm | Al- Madina Theatre

And if it were possible to embrace its own disappearance, to scream its revolt to all the world, to say absolutely everything, then to proceed to the meticulous erasure of my own traces, let alone the only thing that remains will be the desire to blend, to merge in the air, in the sky, in the empty space, where the deafening din of our existences comes to resound.
Nacera Belaza

Mohammad Shafik | Homma ( EG )
The Smell of the City

Wednesday 20th of April
10:00 pm | Babel Theatre

Every city has streets and alleys that act as short cuts and have a unique appearance. Every city has its own specific energy that varies depending on the changes in the fields of politics, culture, economics and mass communication, which affect the appearance of the city internally and externally.  The city heavily carries her legs trying to search the remaining ruins of her body, between the walls of her old streets, the smelly cafes and the old buildings.  Searching for hope, joy, hate, love and other words that come out of her lost son’s mouth. Like a man who is 80-years-old and owns nothing but an old stick that helps him move. His face marked with millions of wrinkles engraved by the events he lived in every street of the city.  His bowed body stopped sweating due to the lake of energy and his broken voice lost conscious. Yes, the city is still alive. Yes, we are every street of the city. Yes and yes another yes yes, we’re wearing a gray coat. Yes, we’re searching for a smile in the middle of the crowd. Yes, searching for a smile in a broken voice.

Studio Presentations / Work in progress

Thursday 21st of April
2:00 pm | Maqamat Dance Studio

Friday 22nd of April
2:00 pm | Maqamat Dance Studio

Monday 23rd of May
2:00 pm | Maqamat Dance Studio

Can you smell it? by Mohamed Fouad | Kaaf Dance Company ( EG )
Mahalli/Local by Dania Hammoud- Zoukak Theatre Company (LE)
I don’t know what this dance is about, but it must be about something by Dalia El Abd (EG)
A line between two squares by Yendi Nammour | Takween Collective | Doosa Juu (LE/AU/FR)
Attack On... by Anne Gough | Takween Collective (USA/ LE)
The Virtual Image by Mahmoud Rabeiy | Takween Collective (EG)
Thieves by Leyya Tawil (SY/USA)
Rock Steady by Diana Sabri (GR/LE/Palestine)
Follow The Light by Sharaf Darzaid (Palestine)
Alia Hamdan (LE)
Body - Image

Thursday 21st of April
4:00 pm | Al-Madina Small Theatre

Friday 22nd of April
4:00 pm | Al-Madina Small Theatre

Body-Image explores the possibility of turning the body into a rhythmic entity for the image: to do for the image what the music does for the body. Or, the image will be used as a modulator of movement and a morpher of the body: to play visual rhythms as a basis for movement and to develop images as dimensions of the screen-body.  The performance consists of a series of encounters that explore these relations.
Takween Collective

Thursday 21st of April
5:00 pm | Théâtre de Beyrouth

Friday 22nd of April
5:00 pm | Théâtre de Beyrouth

I drank the sea and my fire still burns by Aurelien Zouki | Takween Collective Collectif Kahraba (LE)
Not Connected by Bassam Bou Diab | The Takween Collective (LE)
On the lips snow by Ali Chahrour | Maqamat Dance Theatre | Takween Collective (LE)
Flash by Clara Sfeir | Maqamat Dance Theatre | Takween Collective (LE)
Taoufiq Izzediou I Cie Anania (MA)

Thursday 21st of April
7:00 pm | Théâtre Monnot

Today I broke my tooth while I wanted to bite the bars of the window. I preciously keep the taste of iron on my skinned tongue. Two fathers, one gave me his eyes, the other his glance. Maybe it is the contrary. Who knows! Were you sleeping? If I leave, I die. If I stay, I die too. Keeping emptiness in tension. You have just coughed on me. I have a feeling that goes through my veins and invites me to dance, dance, dance. I am in a mad rage. My energy is insane, wise, slow, contained, tired, exhausted, controlled… I have heard so often this question “Who am I” that I don’t want to explain it anymore. Not dad, not mummy. Dad, mummy, don’t make babies! My only family is me? What is your dance? What is my dance? Am I Moroccan? Am I African? Am I Mediterranean? Am I Arab? Am I a citizen of the world? Me and the other? The freedom of Afghanistan ‡ remove the burka. Obama President ‡ the end of racism. Let’s stamp on the ground all together and breathe like dogs.
Muhanad Rasheed | Iraqis Bodies ( IZ/ NL )
Insomnia ( New Creation )

Thursday 21st of April
8:30 pm | Al-Madina Theatre

Gently they stir, gently rise, the dead are newborn awaken, with ravaged limbs and wet souls, gently they sigh in rapt funeral, amazement, who called these dead to dance.    Jim Morrison
There, where there is no time or place, no materials, neither logic or sense, unknown space, unknown time, they are swimming in echo of silence, without thinking, without a memory and without plans; they meet in that world, forever they are drifting, they don’t sleep to awake again, their pulse’s existence is fading out softly and fading in again, they move in their bubble, there is quiet and repose, they stay and belong, having insomnia with nothing to sleep for.  

Sareyyet Ramallah Troupe For Music and Dance (Palestine)
Sandwishet Labaneh

Thursday 21st of April
10:00 pm | Babel Theatre

War: waged in the name of humanity and for humanity, when humanity is the only victim. Images become a mere cosmetic tool for the lenses. Searching for meaningless merchandise among useless international aid packages, men and women are asked to be action figures. White phosphorous is our new white Christmas.

Guy Nader ( LE)
Where the Things Hide

Friday 22nd of April
7:00 pm | Théâtre Monnot

Hidden among daily things arise new worlds, new dimensions led by metaphors that alter the perception of an immediate reality. The absurd, the paradoxal, the humorous are to be found in our body. 

A daily body decontextualised is not only the reflection of what was there, but is related to a consciousness of disappearance. Articulated behind its normal appearance and recognizable and familiar to us all, it hides a weirdness that yields new sensations and different perceptions.  
Omar Rajeh | Maqamat Dance Theatre (LE)
Facing The Blank Page ( New Creation)

Friday 22nd of April
8:30 pm | Al-Madina Theatre

In his new solo creation, Omar Rajeh collaborates with sound composer Pablo Palacio and questions the presence and materialization of his own body. It is a journey in movement and construction, a spontaneous play of and by the body. Without associations to identity, culture, religion, politics and other labels, would this body be able to stand on its own? And if so, what does it mean?

My body is onstage. It is not seeking representation. It does not carry within it any associations; it is simply being what it is. My body is misread, misinterpreted, victimized, violated, annihilated. It is not seen in its immediacy; rather it is always associated with a pre-conceived idea, word, image, action.  
Hela Fattoumi | Cie. Fatoumi/Lamoureux (TS/FR)
The Dance of Pièze

Friday 22nd of April
10:00 pm | Babel Theatre

The male duo explores the relationship between two men who are alternately peers and rivals. In this dance are instances of barely touching, pressure, impact, improbable points of support, movement in which the energy and the solid mass of the bodies become an invitation to share the sensation of this experience. At once desired, galvanized, entwined and rejected – the bodies of the two dancers are shaped through these exchanges, alternating between sensuality and confrontation.

Malek Chebel’s ideas about homosensuality are reflected in this work. The expression has anthropological roots «generally, a Middle Eastern point of view, more specifically Arab, in which in the absence of partners of the opposite sex, one carries over to one’s peers the excess of sensuality which he cannot otherwise express».

Said Ait El Moumen | Cie. Anania (MO)
Athar (Duo)

Saturday 23rd of April
5:00 pm | Théâtre de Beyrouth

The extreme body is not limited to a movement towards death but goes towards a renewed desire to live. Sketching the traces that religion has left on the body, Said Ait El Moumen and his brother Zakaria experience and deliver a physical memory of the mind. No jinns, no demons, no angels. The absolute is an empty space. Men are introduced to its presence then collide violently at its corners. Man handles a trance and then reconciles his memories, the sacred marks, then abandons the sacrifice. Ceremony of joy and sorrow, between punishment and prayer, the soul needs: chaos of bones, dance of muscles, blood traces, as if the ecstasy was to fall outside of oneself. Everything is passing.

Hafiz Dhaou and Aicha M’barek Cie. Chatha (TS)
Kawa, solo à deux

Saturday 23rd of April
7:00 pm | Théâtre Monnot

Pausing in the shadow of an improbable vision of awakening, Aïcha M’Barek and Hafiz Dhaou extract themselves from the obstacles of production and its economic necessities. They choreographed the solo together in search of the beginning of this energy. The accumulation of 1000 white cups that litter the ground proposes an immediate reading of time and space: 

“Coffee, the first cup of coffee, is the mirror of the hand, the hand that turns the drink; coffee is decryption of the open book of the soul, seer of secrets that the day contains.” Mahmoud Darwich in A Memory to Oblivion

Radhouane El Meddeb | La Cie. de SOI (TS/FR)
Ce que nous sommes

Saturday 23rd of April
8:30 pm | Al-Madina Theatre

A piece for 5 dancers built as an introspection about the relationships that unite–or divide–human beings in today’s society. 
A violent proposal, a picture of humankind. 
An epic, tragic, funny, discreet and daring form. 
The creation develops the modes of alterity, such as love, hate, loneliness, survival instinct, death, disappearance, spiritual quest, indifference and exclusion.  Small stories containing larger ones that will lead to the same feelings.  Just like in our daily lives, with our dreams, disappointments and fantasy. 
The first notion of our identities is our body.

Meryem Jazouli (MO)
Kelma...un cri à la mère

Saturday 23rd of April
10:00 pm | Babel Theatre

“In order to continue my conversation with her, I had to dance. Dance for her, up against her, with her”.
The immeasurable injustice and cruelty of a disappearance are like a thorn in the flow of time.
The frequent mourning operates like the engine of the creation.
The works of the poet Mahmoud Darwich teaches the Moroccan choreographer that brutality is in opposition to beauty.
The dancer constructs and brings into play a flow between contemplation and expression of her pain, which she found necessary to transfer into her art.
The feeling of exile that she felt during the years she spent in France, brought back the emotions she felt when her mother passed away. 
The solo Kelma, meaning word, is a search of a “vital meeting with absence”. It takes the form of a dialogue between silence and the long phantasmal silhouette, in which the woman replaces herself with the emotion that she is transferring. 
“We have come to choose pain as life’s engine, which has become precious in maintaining the link …” 

Enad Maarouf (SY)
Sequence of Movement

Saturday 23rd of April
10:30 pm | Babel Theatre

"I was in complete agreement with Dan Graham's critique on minimalism, because I wanted to work closer on social issues and questions. But in relation to what I did in dance and wanted to do with dance. I had the impression that with dance I couldn't deal with such problems. This is actually one of the main reasons why I turned to film." 
Yvonne Rainer
When I see the news on war and violence in the distributed media I cannot deal morally/ethically with it. For what I see in the media is only a stimulation of a picture that suggests emotion, political opinion and rational observation.   

Video Dance Screening

Video Dance Screening

Thursday 14th of April
6:00 pm | Al-Madina Theatre

 From April 14 to April 30

Cinedans International Film, Dance and Media Festival is a unique festival – both in The Netherlands as well as abroad. Dance films are the central focus. Cinedans describes a “dance film” as a true synthesis between two different media – dance and cinematography. At Cinedans the emphasis will lie on choreographies created specifically for the camera and on special film adaptations of existing dance performances. Furthermore, a selection of special documentaries and retrospectives will be shown. During the festival approximately eighty films from all over the world will be screened. In addition to the film programme, there will be readings, debates and workshops to attend.

In the ever-changing landscape of media, the creators are increasingly seeking different ways of telling their stories. New media and modern technology have entered the scene – and there are new possibilities and changing insights. Dance film is no longer “movement on the black screen”, new forms are developing: installations, video clips, interactive projects … Contemporary “dance films” are often autonomous pieces of art with a language of their own and an expressiveness that cannot be pigeonholed. Cinedans closely follows this movement and in addition to the film programme focuses on different forms of crossover projects and media installations with movement, as it’s main subject.

Cinedans is an annual festival that takes place in the month December in Amsterdam. In 2011 it will take place from 1-4th in Amsterdam theatre ‘De Balie’. Deadline entry call: May 1st 2011. 

Cinedans also organizes “Cinedans on tour” and travels across the world to screen a selection of the film programme. Throughout the year Cinedans offers education projects to secondary schools.

Red Shoes
Micah Meisner
CA | 2009 | 10’ | Short

Elephant on Trampoline 
A short by Nicolas Deveaux
Yves Ackermann
FR | 2008 | 1‘ | Short

Manon Le Roy 
FR | 2009 | 11’ | Short

Stéphanie Decourteille
CA | 2009 | 4’ | Short

Hamish Anderson

UK | 2010 |4’ | Short

Beyond The Line
Ole Martin Meland, Ida Wigdel and Kristina Søetorp (The Line)
NO | 2010 | 6’ | Short

Gido Leytens
NL| 2009| 12| Short

Paganini for face
12 Sketches on the Impossibility of Being Still
Magali Charrier 
UK | 2010 | 8’ | Short 

Slow Dance
Joe Cobden


Car Men

Point Taken
Joris Hoebe (director); Boukje Schweigman (choreography)

Marco Gerris & Wilko Bello (directors) & Marco Gerris (choreography)

Memory Lane
Paul and Menno de Nooijer (directors; Joost Vrouenraets (choreography)

Diamond Dancers
Quirine Racké & Helena Muskens (directors); Nicole Beutler (choreography)

Dancing Dream (Tanzträume)
Saturday 16th of April | Al madina Theatre
6.30 pm 
Anna Linsel & Rainer Hoffmann 
DE | 2010 | 89’ | Docu

Forward Motion
Artist's Choice

Wednesday 27th of April
7:00 pm | Al-Madina Theatre

Forward Motion is a collection of outstanding British screen dance works curated by experts into three programmes. A British Council project co-produced with South East Dance (supported by Arts Council England), Forward Motion creates a moving snapshot of Britain’s prolific screen dance industry. 
High profile dance makers select their favourite British dance
films. Includes Akram Khan introducing Lloyd Newson’s multiaward
winning The Cost of Living; Russell Maliphant selecting
Chris Cunningham’s music video for Portishead’s Only You;
and Shobana Jeyasingh choosing Miranda Pennell’s Tattoo.


Organized by 
Maqamat Dance thatre
Leymoun-Arab Dance Platform

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