bipod 2010

beirut international platform of dance

From the 16th of April until the 2nd of May 2010
Al Madina theatre | Theatre Monnot | Babel theatre | Theatre de Beyrouth 

Bipod takes place in Beirut. It is one of the most important annual contemporary dance platforms in the region.  For its 6th edition Bipod will offer once again a rich international program of performances, debates, lectures and workshops.


Friday 16th of April
8:30 pm | Al Madina Theatre

Sasha Waltz’ »Zweiland« was premiered in 1997. The »Zwei« (two) is apparent as symbol in myriad fashion: coming together, togetherness and separation, despair. Absurd everyday situations interchange with character studies and fairytale-like images. German Lieder (songs) obtaining from different centuries are interpreted individualistically by the performers, music and dance thus melding as one. 
Eventyrlige Eventyr (Adventurous Adventure)

Saturday 17th of April
11:00 am | Theatre Monnot

The dance performance  Eventyrige Eventyr (eng.Adventurous Adventure) invites you into a magical and colourful universe of dance, theatrical characters and video animation that is both fascinating and exciting. Embedded in the performance’s theme of the struggle between good and evil we find cross references to our contemporary society combined with the tradition of fairytale storytelling. 
No. Thing

Tuesday 20th of April
8:30 pm | Al Madina Theatre

This new work started with a questioning: in a society obsessed with physical performance, can the authenticity of a gesture still provoke an emotion? No.thing focalizes on dance itself, proposing a physical dance, tender and powerful, inherent to the style of the company.

Wednesday 21st of April
8:30 pm | Babel Theatre

Developed from an analysis on vision and illusion, everyday life and unreality, artificiality and distortion, the performance takes place in a visual and acoustic environment where reality and its electronic/virtual reproduction interact with each other, in complex and ever varied relations. It's as if a short circuit in the transmission of the images would project a complex being, made of an inextricable mixture of reality and thought, hallucination and memory, as an ever new fluxus of interferences.  

Thursday 22nd of April
7:45 pm | Al Madina Theatre

Definitely Scorben is one of the best hip-hop dancers in Lebanon. The 23 years old street dancer has been professionally practicing hip- hop, break dance and other styles of dance since 2003. As he puts it "my body is a portal that translates the music … I believe that every move one makes has its own resonance... and putting together different moves from different daily activities is prone to create a unique dance piece"
Pavlova 3'23"

Thursday 22nd of April
8:30 pm | Al Madina Theatre

For her new project Mathilde Monnier takes hold of a ballet's figure through which she can move us, because it deals with the question of time. The choreographer cites The Death of the Swan, a spectre etched on all our memories. To her, the piece reveals a breach in the history of dance. A woman dances solo for barely three minutes but it's a dance trying endlessly not to end, abstract, uncluttered, and almost left to the performer's improvisation. From there she launches into a contemporary piece, danced as a group, and also aiming at going beyond all endings. 
Ilámame Mariachi

Saturday 24th of April
8:30 pm | Al Madina Theatre

llámame mariachi comes within the scope of the versatile work of La Ribot on movement. This piece offers new perceptions of space and time to the spectator. In a first part, a long single shot drives the public in a rhythmic and light space where an accurate camera - successively manipulated by the three performers – guides it. In a second part, time lengthens and the three artists, back in a scenic area, face the gravity laws again and invite their audience to an extravagant conference.
One & Two

Sunday 25th of April
8:30 pm | Al Madina Theatre

In this pair of short pieces Emio Greco and Pieter C. Scholten question and at the same time pursue the utopia of synchronicity.
In One dancer Emio Greco is confronted by the mesmerizing music of Ravel's Bolero. Resisting and responding to the compelling pattern imposed by the music he explores the boundaries of the dancing body. Two presents different aspects of duality and the occurrence of opposition and correspondence. It is a duet in which the dancers delve into the consequences of two people sharing the same space.


Wednesday 28th of April
8:30 pm | Theatre de Beyrouth

Takween Collective is an initiative by Maqamat Dance Theatre. The full-time, intensive training program, lead by local and international choreographers and artists for a period of three months at Maqamat DanceHouse in Beirut, allows dancers and choreographers to pursue professional careers in contemporary dance
Where The Things Hide

Friday 30th of April
8:30 pm | Al Madina Theatre

Hidden among daily things arise new worlds, new dimensions led by metaphors which alter the perception of an immediate reality. The absurd, the paradoxy, the humor are to be found in our body. A daily body decontextualised which is not only the reflextion of what was there but related to conscious of disappearing. Articulated behind its normal appearance, recognizable and familiar to us all, it hides a weirdness which yields new sensations and different perceptions.
To The Ones I Love

Sunday 2nd of May
8:30 pm | Al Madina Theatre

To the Ones I Love is a pure dance piece within an aesthetic composition carried by the music of Bach. Choreographer Thierry Smits works for the first time with dancers of African origin and blends his dance language with their specific individual and physical richness. The piece tells about the body in movement, the pleasure of dancing, and wishes to lovingly share this energy with the spectator.


Company Sasha Waltz & Guests (GE)
Master Class

Saturday 17th of April
11:00 am | Maqamat Dance Studio

The first part of the workshop will focus on technique: the elements of bodyweight, release, momentum and speed are approached through exercises that propose a very close relationship to the floor, as well as a understanding of the body’s anatomy and of the physical forces that create, influence and manipulate the body’s motion. The class is structured in exercises that develop in technical difficulty: body coordination, spatial awareness. The end of the class applies the elements previously worked on to relate the dancer's body to other bodies: partnering. The second part is invested in creating, analyzing and choreographing physical material. The meaning of movement is questioned, while the dancers look for a personal physical vocabulary, and are invited to challenge their movement patterns through the use of improvisation as well as through personal research, in directed exercises with concrete tasks and goals. Improvisation is used as a tool to create choreographic material, two being the main improvisational inputs: a purely physical one, and a theatrical situation (or an emotional state). The work will be individual, in couples, and as a group.   

Sara Christophersen & Helle Siljeholm (NO)
Contact Workshop

Sunday 18th of April
11:00 am | Maqamat Dance Stidio

The workshop will be based around principles of sharing weight dancing with a partner. We will work on how an enhanced awareness of using body direction and body ledges help to be light and responsive in working with a partner. The workshop will move from technical exercises into dynamic dancing.   
Marco Cantalupo (SZ)

Wednesday 21st of April
11:00 am | Maqamat Dance Studio

The workshop will develop a technical work based on the relation to gravity, imbalance, fluidity, energy and the precision of the movement.
The analysis of the internal paths of the body, of the “anatomy” of the gesture, allows exploring several amplifications and qualities of movement with a new authenticity.
The most elaborate choreographic phrases of our repertoire will be proposed in order to research the movement entirely experienced into the space.

Francesco Scavetta (NO/ IT)
Surprised body

Thursday 22nd of April
11:00 am | Maqamat Dance Studio

The basic class concentrates on centering and gravity, awakening our awareness and sensitivity. Harmonizing the movement with our breathing, we will release contractions in the joints, allowing the sense of the gravity to be a constant part of our awareness. The aim is letting the movement to cross freely throughout the body, with isolation in the limbs. We will work on creating antagonists to our movement, to explore the suspension in the fall or the extension in the reaching, to be able to wide the transformations of the central body and the shifts in the dynamics. The aim is a body more focused on reacting, than on acting. More on receiving, than on doing.  


BIPOD's Picture
Joe Kesrouani for BIPOD's picture

Friday 16th of April
8:35 pm | Al-Madina Theatre

From the 16th of April to 2nd of May
For over the past 20 years, Kesrouani has been taking photographs that are, at once, both obviously familiar and strangely powerful. Born in Beirut in 1969, Kesrouani studied architecture in Paris. He now works in Lebanon as a painter and photographer who oscillates between fine arts and magazine editorials.
Kesrouani’s interests and influences are all folded into his work, which mixes moody portraits, bold nudes, pristine architectural images and exuberant reportage shots. Woven through every photograph is a style that never sits still and refuses to remain quiet. Though youthful and rebellious, Kesrouani’s loud aesthetic also suggests a more complex, nuanced stance that carries a political temperament. He reconstructs a palpably true world of complicated human relationships, conflicting emotions and impulsive actions. Like the works of Hanif Kureishi, Kesrouani’s photographs insist that life is here, crude, forceful and full of desires that are not interested in reductive morality and have no time for prudence. 
As a photographer, he is a deliberate composer: setting-up each shot, crafting it, exploring it, and playing with the final image. His subjects, whether beautifully inanimate or crassly corporeal, are not selling anything, not even themselves. The dynamic between the photographer and the photographed is never predatory as Kesrouani’s gaze is entirely complicit, collaborative and, ultimately, both challenging and celebratory. 

Video Dance Screening

Video Dance Screening

Thursday 15th of April
8:35 pm | Theatre de Beyrouth

From April 15 until April 25

Cinedans is an International Film, Dance and Media Festival which takes place yearly in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Cinedans describes a “dance film” as a true synthesis between two different media – dance and cinematography. Cinedans also presents installations involving crossovers between dance, technology and media. Entrycall for new films festival 2010 see also


Garden of Earthly Delight
Germany, 2007 | 59 minutes| Director: Brigitte Kramer | Choreography: Sasha Waltz

Imagined Hell
Venezuela, 2008 | Time: 45 minutes | Director: Maite Bermudez | Choreography: Emio Greco I PC

Valse wals
The Netherlands, 2005 | 60 minutes | Director Mark de Cloe | Performers: Ria Marks and Titus Tiel Groenewege

Looking Forward
Netherlands 2007 | 8 minutes | Director & Choreography: Roberta Marques | Choreography : Michael Schumacher

Het grote gebeuren
The Netherlands 2006 | 6 minutes | Director The Good Guys (Marcel Prins and Leon Giesen) | Choreography the starlings

The Netherlands 2006 | 10 minuten | Director: Gido Leytens | Choreography: Kristel van Issum

Shake off 
The Netherlands 2007 | 9 minuten | Director: Hans Beenhakker | Choreography: Hans Beenhakker 

Netherlands 2009 | 10 ’ | T.R.A.S.H. | Director: Guido Leytens, Kristel van Issum

Mountain air (Höhenluft)
Netherlands | 25 minutes | Director:  Annick Vroom | Choreography : Hans Hof Ensemble 

Tic Toc Choc de Couperin - AU, 2007, 3’ Elise Mc Leod 
His Masters Voice/Their Masters Voice - NL, 2008, 5’, Hans Hylkema

Tachometer - DE, 2008 1‘, Philip Bussmann/Sarah Huby 

Beguine - NL, 2009, 4’, Douwe Dijkstra

Flow - NL, 2008, 4’ Ruben Broekhuis

Newton's 3rd - NL, 2008, 3’, Bas Hesen

Of The Heart - US, 2007, 6’, Douglas Rosenberg & Allen Kaeja

I Am My Mother - IR, 2008, 1’ Mohammad Abbasi 

Felures - FR, 2008, 9’ Nicolas Pawlowski, Alexis Ducord

Sigh - CA, 2008, 5’

Nearness - NL, UK, 2008, 3’, William Collins 

Mein Wille geschehe - DE, 2001, 3’ Jochen Bomm, Sebastian Witt

As I was leaving my city - Iran, 2007, 3’, Amirali Navaii

Her Morning Elegance - IL, 2008, 4’ Oren Lavie, Yuvan & Merav Nathan

Paysages Chorégraphiques Contemporains
Dance Installation

Friday 16th of April
7:00 pm | Al-Madina Theatre

From April 5 until April 25

Le corps silencieux
un film d'Emmanuel Vantillard
2005 - 7 minutes - couleur - expérimental, sans dialogues
production : E. Vantillard, Le Fresnoy/Studio national des arts contemporains
interprétation : Noël Van Kelst, Léa Lescure

un film de Jérôme Thomas
2002 - 10 minutes - 35 mm - noir et blanc - fiction, sans dialogues
production : Le Fresnoy/Studio national des arts contemporains
interprétation : Emmanuelle Huynh

Lexique dansé
un film de Jeannette Dumeix
2002 - 59 minutes - couleur - documentaire, version française
sous-titre anglais, espagnol, portugais
production : Baïacedez films Production 

Divagations dans une chambre d'hôtel
un film de Philippe Barcinski et Dainara Toffoli
2005 - 25 minutes - couleur - expérimental, V.O. en brésilien
sous-titres anglais, espagnol, français
coproduction : made in productions, Arte France, La Ferme du Buisson, 02 Filmes
chorégraphe : Bruno Beltrao
interprétation : Eduardo Hermanson dit Willow Dainara Toffoli

La Madâ'a
un film de Benjamin Silvestre
2006 - 26 minutes - couleur - chorégraphie
coproduction : Heure d'été productions, Arte France, CNN Caen/Basse-Normandie
chorégraphie : Héla Fattoumi, Eric Lamoureux
Interprétation : Philippe Ghosson, Hafiz Dhaou, Héla Fattoumi, Anne Foucher, Eric Lamoureux, Laura Simi Foa, Moustapha Ziane
Musique : François Narboni, Samir Joubran

Uzès Quintet
un film de Catherine Maximoff
2004 - 26 minutes - couleur - fiction chorégraphique
production : Heure d'été productions, Arte France

L'homme qui danse
un film de Rosita Boisseau et Valérie Urréa
2004 - 59 minutes - couleur - documentaire, version française
sous-titres anglais, espagnol, portugais
production : Les Films Pénélope, Arte France

Kaspar konzert
un film de Sylvie Blum et François Verret
2001 - 25 minutes - couleur - chorégraphie
production : Ina, Arte France, Compagnie F.V., SFP
chorégraphie : François Verret
musique : Jean-Pierre Drouet
interprétation : Mathurin Bolze, Jean-Pierre Drouet, François Verret

un film de Christophe Bargues
2002 - 24 minutes - couleur - chorégraphie
production : La Compagnie des Indes, Mezzo, Association Fin Novembre, Festival d'Avignon, SACD
chorégraphie : Christian Rizzo et Rachid Ouramdane
interprétation : Rachid Ouramdane

Josef Nadj, dernier paysage
un film de Josef Nadj
2006 - 51 minutes - couleur - documentaire - VO hongrois
sous-titres anglais, français, espagnol, portugais
production : Les poissons volants, Arte France

Paso doble
un film d'Agusti Torres
2006 - 41 minutes - couleur, performance
production : Les Poissons volants, Festival d'Avignon
conception et interprétation : Miquel Barceló, Josef Nadj

Odile Duboc, une conversation chorégraphique
un film de Laszlo Horvath
2007 - 56 minutes - couleur - documentaire, version française
sous-titres anglais, espagnol, portugais
production : Pyramide production, Images Plus, Contre-Jour/O, CNN de Franche-Comté

Pavillon noir
un film de Pierre Coulibeuf
2006 - 24 minutes - 35 mm - couleur - fiction expérimentale - version française 
sous-titres anglais, espagnol, portugais
production : Regards productions,Fine Arts Unternehmen/Suisse, Cityzen Télévision, Image Plus
chorégraphie : Angelin Preljocaj
interprétation : Craig Dawson, Sergio Diaz, Céline Galli, Thomas Michaux, Lorena O'Neill, Zaratiana Randrianantenaina, Nagisa Shirai et la participation d'Angelin Preljocaj
musique : Sam Rivers, Noël Akchoté, Tony Hymas, Paul Rogers, Jacques Thollot

Somewhere in between
un film de Pierre Coulibeuf
2004 - 70 minutes - 35 mm - couleur - fiction expérimentale, sans dialogues
production : Regards productions, Halolalune production / Belgique
chorégraphie : Meg Stuart
musique : Derek Bailey
interprétation : Meg Stuart et Michel Von Der Heide, Christoph Homberger, Christoph Marthaler, Simone Aughterlony, Graham F. Valentine, Thomas Wodianka, Davis Freeman, Antonija Livingston, Benoït Lachambre, Philippe Beloul, Varina Canto Vila, François Brice, Lilia Mestre, Ugo Dehaes

Les ballets de-ci de-là
un film d'Alain Platel
2006 - 110 minutes - couleur - documentaire, VO. sous-titrée français
sous-titres anglais, espagnol, portugais
production : Les Films du Présent, Arte France, Viens !, Cobra Films, Les Ballets C. de la B.
interprétation : Arend Pinoy, Pieterjan Vervondel, Anja Gross, Koen Augustijnen, Erna Van Akoleyen, Pasion Van Akoleyen, Christine De Smedt, Lies Vanborn, Serge Aimé Coulibaly, Necati Koÿlü, Samuel Lafeuvre, Quan Bui Ngoc

Corps, accords
un film de Michel Follin
2002 - 59 minutes - couleur - documentaire, VO sous-titrée français
sous-titres anglais, espagnol, portugais
production : Idéale Audience, Versus production, Arte France, RTBF Bruxelles

One flat thing, reproduced
un film de Thierry De Mey
2006 - 26 minutes - couleur - chorégraphie
production : MK2TV, Arte France, Forsythe Foundation, The Forsythe Compagny,
chorégraphie : William Forsythe
musique : Thom Willems
interprétation : Yoko Ando, Cyril Baldy, Francesca Caroti, Dana Caspersen, Amancio Gonzalez, Sang Jijia, David Kern, Marthe Krummenacher, Prue Lang, Ioannis Mandafounis, Jone San Martin, Fabrice Mazliah, Roberta Mosca, Georg Reischl, Christopher Roman, Elisabeth Waterhouse, Ander Zabala

Meet The Artist

Meet the Artist
In dialogue with

Pierre Abi Saab
with Sasha Waltz
April 17 | 5 pm | Theatre de Beyrouth

Ghassan Salhab
with Mathilde Monnier
April 23 | 5 pm | Al-Madina Theatre

Ahmad Ghossein
with Francesco Scavetta
April 22 | 5 pm | Al-Madina Theatre

Walid Sadek
with La Ribot
April 25 | 5 pm | Al-Madina Theatre

Mazen Maarouf
with Marco Cantalupo
April 21 | 5 pm | Al-Madina Theatre


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