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beirut international platform of dance

Trafic de styles1
Trafic De Style (FR)

Saturday 19th of April
6:00 pm | Fakhreddine Theatre- Baakline

Monday 21st of April
7:00 pm | Hussam Eddine Al-Hariri- Saida

Wednesday 23rd of April
8:30 pm | Monnot Theatre

Specimen and other phenomenons PATA PARA SUPRA ET META PHYSIQUES.
In Specimen, the theater becomes our companion to dance the end of the cold war.
What is the relationship between the dance and the text? Between the Russian dance and Russian text? Parapataphysic, even up to what point the nonsense of the scene is summarized for the spectator “ No mean’s land poetic”, built imaginary country, manufactured to offer to the spectator fields creative. The proposition is therefore made to the public to accept the principales of the pataphysics, which means the drifting even the intellectual dazing to reach the essential.

Jy1 7420b alias poussiere
Alias (SZ)
Approcher la Poussière

Saturday 19th of April
8:30 pm | Monnot Theatre

Sunday 20th of April
8:30 pm | Monnot Theatre

An ordinary day, first seen from a distance and then from very close up, so close up that it becomes an odyssey. Guilherme Botelho’s dancers break the mirror of our everyday lives with raw, visceral and vital energy.
Auftaucher by urusla kaufmann   5
Folkwang Tanzstudio- Henrietta Horn (DE)

Tuesday 22nd of April
8:30 pm | Al-Madina Theatre

“Auftaucher” is a breathtaking explosion of movement and expression. A brilliant dance piece that absolutely captives the viewer in its emotional complexity for a whole 45 minutes...Henrietta Horn trusts here to the powers of imagination. The melancholic charm of a ballroom, the sultry smell of a Mediterranean village square where locals spur two men on to fight, are all created in the minds of the audience. Naturally thanks to the highly expressive dancers from Essen who use their excellent techniques to explore realms of individuality that are so characteristic of Folkwang dance.     
(WAZ, 27. October 2001, Michael Kohlstadt)
Solo by u.kaufmann 01
Folkwang Tanzstudio- Henrietta Horn (GE)

Tuesday 22nd of April
8:30 pm | Al-Madina Theatre

"In just 25 minutes… the choreographer develops a perfect, touching, exciting, vibrating study of loneliness.  A lot of people in this society, not only older ones, find themselves in a very similar situation. In a space emptied of social relationships she is thrown back onto herself; to avoid going insane, she has to start a dialogue with the dead objects around her. Table and chair almost come to life and become substitute partners, at least for a while. The result is not a jolly event. But a strong piece of dance.”
Import 293 gr
Les Ballets C. de la B. (BE)

Thursday 24th of April
8:30 pm | Al-Madina Theatre

In Import/Export, six dancers/acrobats join altus  Steve Dugardin and the four ‘live’ musicians of the Kirke string quartet on stage. This creation is a further research on the combination of different dance styles, theatre, acrobatics, music and visual art. The main theme is powerlessness, on different levels. Powerlessness in relation to a world, the feeling of powerlessness when not being able to change or contribute anything to it. How do you cope with this feeling? How to express this feeling? But also in the intimate environment. Powerlessness in regard of letting go close ones. Powerlessness in regard to a lost love. Powerlessness in regard of being rejected.
Marie brolin
Marie Brolin (DA)
The 7th Wave

Friday 25th of April
8:30 pm | Monnot Theatre

Saturday 26th of April
7:00 pm | Monnot Theatre

Sunday 27th of April
7:00 pm | Monnot Theatre

”The 7th Wave”, is a project created by Marie Brolin-Tani in collaboration with Maqamat Theatre Dance  and funded by the ‘Danish cooperation for Culture and Deveopment’ (DCCD). It invites the most interesting dance artists from Denmark, Lebanon, Syria, Palestine, Jordan, and Sweden. Two dancers from each country were chosen for this exsclusive dance performance which will premiere at (BIPOD) ‘Beirut international Platform of Dance’ in Beirut. 
”The 7th Wave”, stands for the waiting of wind, which will bring us closer. It contains inspiration from Nordic Mythology, the seven deadly sins and all the personal refelctions from the everyday life of the dancers and their first meeting with each other. The work is sensitive, narrative , and personel. 
The danish composer Mr.Henrik Munch will, through the influence of the Arabic culturel music, write a brand new compostion with a Nordic touch. 
It will, also, be presented at the Danish Institute in Damascus, Al balad Theatre in Amman, and will be clompleted with a tour to Denmark.

Beige 2
Giulia Mureddu (IT)

Saturday 26th of April
8:30 pm | Al-Madina Theatre

In Beige time is delayed, even paused, so that the moment at which you jump in the deep end is placed under the magnifying glass. At that moment, nothing is lost yet, but at the same time nothing is gained. Should you take the next step? How can you succeed without running the risk of failing? In Beige the dancers constantly teeter between wanting to succeed and daring to fail, between structure and improvisation. 
Krizstina de chatelpulse2.karelzwaneveld
Krisztina de Châtel (N)

Saturday 26th of April
8:30 pm | Al-Madina Theatre

Pulse is set between the pulsating, virtuoso sounds of György Ligeti. Krisztina de Châtel chose for piano études by Hungarian-Austrian Ligeti (1923-2006), one of the greatest contemporary composers. For years, the Hungarian-born choreographer had wanted to use his music. "He was and is such an important man in Hungary. One can clearly hear Bartók’s influence in his work. Not that it sounds like folk music, but there is a certain virtuosity in it, which feels Hungarian to me.” Ligeti himself said of his piano études: “The cogs have to engage one another.” This expression appeals to De Châtel: “His music has a mechanical feel to it, and at the same time I hear the throbbing Hungarian heart of the composer and see the dazzling fingers of the pianist before me as I listen.”   As an answer the choreography shows strict lines and whirling movements but also passionate solos where the individual breaks out of the collective.   De Volkskrant (Dutch daily newspaper): “Pulse is poised energy par excellence that rages around like a tornado.” NRC Handelsblad (Dutch daily newspaper): “Pulse is a real classic in de Chatel’s oeuvre, one to go and see again.”   Pulse reaped great success in Dutch theatres earlier this year. The choreography was nominated for de Zwaan, a prestigious prize for the best dance production of the Dutch theatre season 2006 - 2007.
Maguy tawk
Maguy Tawk (LE)

Sunday 27th of April
8:30 pm | Al-Madina Theatre

The dancers reflecting everyday life on the streets, where people come and go but the only thing that remains is a bench that witnesses their actions and emotional reactions.
Tarek   an attempt  david berg%c3%a9 1
Tarek Halabi (USA/Palestine)
An Attempt to Understand

Sunday 27th of April
8:30 pm | Al-Madina Theatre

“I like to think of this performance as an unfinished product, an ongoing situation just like the Palestinian situation is unresolved.  Originally this piece was a dance.  However, in the process of making the dance, I found myself unable to translate the text in my mind with my physical body.  The process therefore became a challenge for me to figure out how to put the Palestinian situation within the context of performance.  Humour became a way for me to distance myself from personal feelings in order to draw the interest of the audience and inform them at the same time.  This project also became a way for me to further educate myself about the Palestinian situation in order to better understand the complexity of my own identity: an American-Palestinian born in Saudi Arabia with Jordanian/U.S. nationalities, raised in the Catholic Church speaking English and who moved to the United States at age 10.  Though I feel a certain amount of distance to the land of Palestine and the Palestinian People, the fact that I feel lost and confused about my Palestinian identity is a state that many Palestinians identify themselves with.  That is what it means (partially) to be Palestinian today.”
Jo Strømgren
The Society

Tuesday 29th of April
8:30 pm | Al-Madina Theatre

The performance follows the JSK style of nonsensical language theatre mixed with dance and live music. The main object on stage is a coffee machine. Other than that – a chair, a telephone, a lot of coffee cups, and a creative assortiment of interrogation tools. The isolated conflict between drinkers of coffee and tea in a micro world is of course open for interpretation by audiences. JSK always try to mirror the macro world by scrutinizing basic elements of contemporary phenomenas. In our turbulent times the average citizen is ever more tempted to accept torture, supression of minorities, and other violent means in order to restore order and avoid a clash of civilizations. Can theatre contribute to change this? JSK neglects any responsibility to join that debate. Meanwhile the company just continues its fart-in-the-universe quest to pinpoint utterly sad human behaviour.

2nd movement by houssam mcheimch
Omar Rajeh | Maqamat Dance Theatre (LE)
Concerto 13/ 2nd Movement

Wednesday 30th of April
6:00 pm | Hariri Auditorium- Balamand University

Thursday 1st of May
8:30 pm | Al-Madina Theatre

Friday 2nd of May
8:30 pm | Al-Madina Theatre

The work is based on a collage of different images and situations that were combined within the whole. Themes that dealt with Media, war, gender, love, religion and cultural differences were contextualized to fit in one thematic context. " Authority" as the main theme of the work imposed itself on all the above themes and thus the work could be seen as a "statement" rather than a presentation of ideas. It is a statement against Media control, religious brainwashing and political realities. It is a Lebanese/Dutch collaboration that was presented during " The Automn Dance Festival" in Beirut and " Dancing on the Edge Festival" ( co-producer) in Holland at the Grand Theatre, Groningen ( co-producer), Frascati ( Amsterdam), and Rotterdamse Schouwburg ( Rotterdam. The performance in Beirut was funded by DCCD.
Jordi bover 2
Mal Pelo (SP)

Wednesday 30th of April
8:30 pm | Al-Madina Theatre

In Bach the discourse is articulated through the body and the music of Bach. This piece is the start of a much longer work. An approach to the Well-Tempered Clavier by J.S. Bach, in which María Muñoz combines the dance to some preludes which are played live with the memory of some fugues danced in silence. The performer’s presence develops within a pure work of movement.


2nd movement by houssam mcheimch
“Dancing in Beirut”
Documentary by Ruben Gischler (NL)

Saturday 19th of April
7:30 pm | Monnot Theatre

“Dancing in Beirut” is a documentary about the making of " Concerto 13/ 2nd Movement", a dance production by Omar Rajeh and hi company Maqamat Dance Theatre. It follows two Dutch dancers participating in Maqamat's production. Working for two months in a studio five floors beneath ground level. Going through Lebanese inspiration, improvisation and the reality on stage. Dancing in Beirut is filmed, edited and produced by Ruben Gischler and was funded by Kosmopolis, The Netherlands.


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Guilhermo Bothelo ( (Switzerland) 17 - 20 April 2008 (16:00h- 19:00h)
Massimo Molinari (Netherlands) 23-25 April 2008 (16:00h- 19:00h)
Henrick Munch (music workshop) 20-22 April 08 
Mal Pelo (Spain) 1-2 May 2008 (16:00h- 19:00h)

At Maqamat Dance Studio