bipod 2006

beirut international platform of dance

From 5 to 22 January 2006

This project is one of many, conducted by Maqamat, and works for the re-emergence of a city, its artists, and its people into a new phase of productivity, creativity, innovation, and free expression. The main objective of the platform is to create a contemporary performance culture, contributing to the establishment of Beirut at the heart of the region’s contemporary dance scene. It aims at introducing new ideas and concepts that are mainly
directed towards the young generation of the country. It is a foremost Platform for innovation, experimentation and continuous development of contemporary culture in Lebanon and the Arab World.

Kettly Noel (ML)

Thursday 5th of January
8:30 pm | Monnot Theatre

Friday 6th of January
8:30 pm | Monnot Theatre

Kettly Noel dancer and actress, was born in Haity, she moved to Maly in 1999 and started “ The Space” for dance and studies about dance theories. Parallel to her job Kettly directed different performances such as “ My
Nephew and my Niece” 2001 and “ Tichèlbè” 2002 third award in the fifth meeting for the Africa and the Indian Ocean in Madagasshkar ( RFI award for discovering dance) in addition to the unified performance“ Errance”.
Kettly Noel and Augusto Cuvilas worked on their new performance “ The Other”, which is a dance performance accompanied by music and video art that permits the play to be performed as a philosophical state that conveys the concept of meeting, diverse identity, the pressure that is conveyed through fear of the unknown, and the irony of wanting to meet “the other”.
JokaJok Dance Company (KE)
Fifth Season

Saturday 7th of January
8:30 pm | Centre Tournesol

“Trips through... day and night times, times of the year seasons of life. what do I feel the most? Pain of transition from one to another? Joy of change? My incapability of changing the order of time floating? And when the new day is born... when I get reborn, should I understand everything begins again from the very outset?...” – Polina Romashkina The symbol on the dance mat is a letter of the Russian alphabet. Words like Life, Animal, Stomach begin with this letter. In many dark rituals the image of the human body is represented by six rays coming out from the center and getting lost in the infinity of the space.
Jochen Roller (GE)
No Money , No Love

Sunday 8th of January
8:30 pm | Monnot Theatre

In “perform performing”, a trilogy on the sense and senselessness of looking at dance as work, dancer Jochen Roller explores the conditions under which he practices his profession. In the work’s first part, “No Money, No Love” (which premiered in November 2002), Roller, assuming that work means earning a salary, calculates how much he earns with his work and what dance actually costs. In light of insufficient state funding, he acknowledges that one must do several other professions in order to continue working as a dancer. In “No Money, No Love,” he demonstrates to the audience how one can still rehearse and produce a dance performance during work hours. In each job - whether as an H&M salesman, a call-center agent at the German railroad, or an escort-service employee - Roller draws analogies to his actual profession of dancer. From these jobs’work conditions comes “No Money, No Love,” a performance in which a dancer performs other work to earn money. 
Radhouane El Meddeb (TU/FR)
Pour en finir avec moi

Tuesday 10th of January
8:30 pm | Centre Tournesol

This body that is mine this body that is not mine this body that is mine though this alien body my only homeland my home this body to be conquered again… Putting myself on stage, showing my body , my massive bulk, revealing my sensitivity, my senses, my indifference and indifference. Renewing my intense pleasure in coming back to the stage, dancing, interpreting. Moving jumping, bending, falling… This is talking. Talking about the self. My wandering, my suffering, my delight. My life.
Raffaella Giordano (IT)
tu non mi perderai mai

Wednesday 11th of January
8:45 pm | Monnot Theatre

The latest work by Raffaella Giordano translates into movement danced in space the depth of the poetic word that resounds in time. The Italian choreographer goes back to working with and on herself, with an intimate, delicate solo performance on love and its absence. In 1980, she joined Carolyn Carlson's Company Teatro e Danza La Fenice of Venice. In 1981, she worked with Pina Bausch's Company, the Wuppertal Tanztheater, participating in the pieces Kontakthof, Blaubart and Sacre du printemps. She received the PRIZE OF THE CRITICS "DANZA&DANZA 1990 " and 1999 as best interpreter of new Italian contemporary dance. In July 1999 received the PRIZE GARDADANZA for Italian contemporary dance. In November 2000 she was awarded the UBU AWARD for casting with her creation “The matter… For a work in becoming” a critical glance at reality and for her courage and intensity of her choreographic choices in the field of theatre-dance beyond dance.
Grupo Galvan (SP)
La Edad de Oro

Thursday 12th of January
8:30 pm | Monnot Theatre

Another new experience of Galván, a personnel battle of dispossessing flamenco dance from its routines and corsets. Three chairs in the setting and nothing more. And there, without no accessory, they do all their play the three flamencos. A play that consists only of brushstrokes, of sound, and of dance. Galván already is another question, everything that he dances is classical flamenco, what occurs is that he dances in an original and surprising way. Violent are his movements, he changes the rhythms unceremoniously, he invents “remained” improbable and spectacular. And all that he does is flamenco, a flamenco that many do not yet understand. Galván continues giving giant steps toward the positive destruction of
the dance.
Tchekpo Dance Company (BN/GE)
L’envol du vent

Friday 13th of January
8:30 pm | Monnot Theatre

I do not know where it comes from, where it carries me. The only way is to be aware of it is to let myself be driven with flow towards infinity…. Dan Agbetou, after studying African Dance in Benin, his home country, he went to New York and studied modern dance and Jazz with Alvin Ailey, American Dance Theatre. He also worked in Paris with Koffi Koko, Germaine Acgony and Elsa Wolliaston, where he developed his own style of dance. IN 1991, he formed his own company, Tchekpo dance company and have created very interesting dance pieces. He is established in Germany since 1995, where he founded in Bielefeld a school of dance.
Alia Hamdan (LE)
When the 'Holiday Inn' became again

Friday 13th of January
8:30 pm | Monnot Theatre

Alia Hamdan studied contemporary dance in the conservatory and the Centre Chorégraphique National de Montpellier. This is her first personal project in Beirut, where she currently lives. A performance, a sound and a video projection celebrating the recommissioning of the Holiday Inn hotel in Beirut
Raed Yassine (LE)
Black Pepper

Saturday 14th of January
7:45 pm | Monnot Theatre

Sunday 15th of January
7:45 pm | Monnot Theatre

When I was a kid, Batman was my hero, my mom used to buy me all the Batman comics on time; she was never late, one day she couldn’t find it, she brought a white paper bag full of black pepper, I ate some of it, the taste was very spicy, I cried all day long.

Nawel Iskandarani
Shooting Stars Die in Silence

Saturday 14th of January
8:30 pm | Monnot Theatre

Sunday 15th of January
8:30 pm | Monnot Theatre

How do human beings caught in extreme situations they have not chosen nor wanted, such as earthquakes, drought, war and occupation, manage to survive, physically and mentally? In a world that seems to fall apart, from Darfur to Bam, from Abu Ghraïeb to Ghaza, men and women’s capacity to endure, adapt and surpass themselves is a mystery.
Omar Rajeh | Maqamat Dance Theatre ( LE)
Concerto 13

Thursday 19th of January
8:30 pm | Centre Tournesol

January 19 till 22, 2006

The company’s new creation is inspired by “Don Quixote” by Miguel De
Cervantes and “1984” by George Orwell. “A butcher struggling on his toilet seat, goes into a world of fantasies and dreams. The city, the People, men that he killed, men to be killed, the struggle to protect his power, his obsessions and dreams.” It is a cry for freedom, saying enough for slavery and mental alienation, and an internal journey of struggle to make dreams come true.

Meet The Artist

Open Discussion

Saturday 14th of January
3:00 pm | Monnot Theatre

Discussion with Nawel Skandarani after her performance.
Moderated by Pierre Abi Saab


Kettly Noel (ML)

This workshop will be oriented towards a work of listening. It aims at bringing the body, used to the discipline of classical and modern dance, back to a contemporary African dance, where the work drives the body beyond its limits, towards reconsidering and rethinking of itself.
Allowing the body to talk, to follow its energy and impulse, to explore its different metamorphoses within its possibilities, are the main characteristics of this ‘dance gathering’. Putting the body in relation with space, time and rhythm, It is the encounter between two universes; that of academic discipline and that of African dance.

Mazen Kiwan & Emanuelle Ponthieux

Mazen and Emmanuelle studied with Pablo Veron, Gustavo Navera, and Chicho Fromboli... Mazen is a choreographer, dancer and teacher in Paris since 6 years, He has been invited to several international festivals around Europe, to dance and teach Tango Argentino, such as, Sweden, 2001 with Lucia Mazer (ex chicho Partner ) Oslo and Tromso in Norway 2003-2004- 2005 several times with Alexandra Archeti Greace with
Victoria Vieyra (ex Pablo Veron Partner) and Amsterdam in December 2005 during the Tangomagia Festival. for more details check Mazen and Emanuelle's teaching is based on musicality and listening between partners. Their experience in contemporary dance and their degrees in teaching allows them to transmit their knowledge in a simple and efficient

Jochen Roller (GE)

Jochen Roller was born in 1971 in Berlin. After initial training in ballet, he studied theater at the University of Gießen and choreography at the Laban
Centre for Movement and Dance in London. Roller lives and works as a choreographer, dancer and performer in Berlin.

Fabian Cordua (SP)

WELCOME ! to the Playground, a poetic place I have created for us where all our tools, toys, things, we all bring in, are just there to be touched and to be played with. The Playground Zone is my invitation to You to create characters, to share and to combine all performing arts such as clowning,
dancing, singing, poetry, music etc. This enable Us for the main part of the workshop, the street performance! We will perform in Beirut, getting close to the people, using our clowning characters/ spontaneous energy for contact, irritation, trouble, joy, happy healing etc. Yes You, Joyin, Jump, Try, Fly...:)

Dan Agbetou

Dan Agbetou, after studying African Dance in Benin, his home country, he went to New York and studied modern dance and Jazz with Alvin Ailey, American Dance Theatre. He also worked in Paris with Koffi Koko, Germaine Acgony and Elsa wolliaston. In this workshop Dan is aiming at positioning the participants in a conscience state of their movements and inner expression. Certain links of expression and interaction, within the body, will be highlighted and rediscovered, such as, the relationship between the visual body and the vocal presence of it.

Raffaella Giordano (IT)

In this workshop transmission is regarded as an experience that doesn’t
translate into a strictly framed practice, but that develops in a form of listening. This workshop is not to teach a specific style of dance, rather it is
offering an experimental field that would be a mutual offer which could be
useful to the formation process of every one, leading towards a basic consciousness. It is also related to the creative space and improvisation on a more theatrical and personal level. The dancer is faced with his/her own
capacity of listening, acting and opening him/herself to the problematic
contemporary concepts of the present.

Video Dance Screening

Bill T. Jones

Produced and directed by Celia Lowenstein The creative process of choreographer/dancer, Bill T. Jones. Using filmed material from day one of
rehearsals to performance: a unique and intimate portrait unfolds concerning one of America's greatest artists, performers and thinkers.

Choreographer Twayla Tharp
Produced and directed by Celia Lowenstein

For over 35 years Twayla Tharp has been considered the modern mistress of complex movement and has created some of the most memorable dance pieces in living memory.
A documentary which looks at her life and work.
Point Of View
By Gitta Gsell

Deformation as an artistic strategy in contemporary performance and the issue of public visibility of disability in a conventional sense. The work explores the aesthetic perception of physical deformation and conducts intensive individual interviews with very well known artists from the fields of
performance/dance/theatre (Raimund Hoghe, Ju Gosling, Simon Versnel, Milli Bitterli, Rika Esser).

Fellow bodies
By Nawel Skandrani

A voyage across the memories of a woman , Nawel Skandrani ,dancer and choreographer from Tunisia, a country where it is not always “that good” to perform. As in Beckett’s Krapp, she calls her recollections to be seen, heard, touched and felt, through filmed images of her fellow travellers, the composer Anouar Brahem, the theatre director Fadhel Jaïbi, the painter Tahar M’guedmini, the dance and trance of her fellow bodies and voices, the actor Radhouane El Meddeb, the dancer Concetta Amoroso, captured
by the eye of her fellow alter-ego, the video-maker Sergio Gazzo. Fragments, words of a body happy to be, multiple and free…



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